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Angel HandDevil Hand
Angel Hand
Angel Hand.png
Heal target player to full HP and gain 10 stars per healed HP. In even-numbered chapters, this card turns into Devil Hand.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"This is the power of mercy." ―Yuuki

Yuuki's hyper is Angel Hand on odd-numbered chapters and Devil Hand on even-numbered chapters. Angel Hand allows for Yuuki to select a player to heal back to full HP. For every HP healed, she will gain 10 stars. Devil Hand targets a random player who's HP will be reduced down to 1. For every HP lost Yuuki will gain 10 stars.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Angel Hand is a healing-based hyper that can not only be used on other players, but it can be used on herself as well. It is not recommended to use this card on others, as the benefit of gaining stars is usually not as impactful as the benefit of being able to save her own life by healing herself. That being said, the card is an excellent star generation tool should a high HP character such as Marie Poppo or Castle present themselves in a scenario in which they are low HP. Angel hand is expensive, and as such it shouldn't be used without care. Players should not only watch out how many stars they can get from healing a player, they should also weigh if it's better to use the hyper on others, or herself.

Devil Hand is a disruption tool, and a technical damage tool. Being that it sets HP down to 1, this card can be effective enabler towards getting an easy KO. Unfortunately, being that it is random like  Gamble!, you can potentially miss your target, or you could give yourself a difficult time by reducing your own HP. You are not likely to use this card for merely its star generation ability, but should you need stars, it is best to use it when most of the characters are either high hp or full.