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Tips[edit | edit source]

Playing As Yuki (Dangerous)
  •  Present Thief can trigger her passive twice; managing to place one on an opponent's home is almost guaranteed to net you 2 wins.
  •  Dangerous Pudding will be converted into  Tragedy in the Dead of Night via her passive. Since she's card and player kill dependent, this is the least disruptive "Pudding" card to consider for your deck.
  •  For the Future of the Toy Store is recommended since her hyper will allow her to place it when it'd otherwise be impossible. This is particularly useful in the late game where it's a dead draw for most other characters.
  •  Completion Reward helps her maintain a balanced playstyle.
  • Unlike standard Yuki, she's not a beast in battle. Pick your battles wisely.
  • Although each trap you place can potentially become a Win, try to place them in threatening areas. While landing one on someone's Home is often best, 1-6 spaces after a Home also tend to see a lot of traffic. Avoid placing them on a fork and attempt to get them on convergence points.
  • Pay attention to the number of cards in the deck before using your hyper. If there are only a few cards left, it's possible there are no traps and your hyper will miss; wait for a fresh deck before using it.
  • Ultimately, despite her passive, she's probably best off focusing on stars instead of wins. You may even be better of packing only a few powerful traps to ensure that your hyper is more impactful.
Playing Against Yuki (Dangerous)

Recommended Cards[edit | edit source]

+ For The Future of the Toy Store & Sky Restaurant Pures can be forced onto the board through Evil Mastermind. Both traps are debilitating for most opponents, as losing 1/2 of your stars is usually a huge detriment.

+ Big Magnum is essential for Yuki Dangerous, as she CAN'T get wins from mobs & bosses.

+ Dangerous Pudding & Bad Pudding are extremely good for drawing extra Tragedies.

Counter Cards[edit | edit source]

+ Star-Blasting Light is a back-breaker for Yuki Dangerous, as it eliminates all the traps she placed & will also deal damage to her.

+ Scrambled Eve places the traps in Yuki Dangerous' hand back into the deck, forcing her to re-draw them.

+ Unlike her original counterpart, Brutal Prank is much more detrimental to Yuki Dangerous than it is to Yuki.