Waruda Christmas Party

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Waruda Christmas Party
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Board Icy Hideout Icy Hideout
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Unlocking[edit | edit source]

Waruda Christmas Party is unlocked after completing the first phase of the 2017 Christmas Event, where Aru asks the player to find and deliver 15 Presents.

Story[edit | edit source]

Aru and Rein finds the Waruda's Base where Yuki, Tomato, Mimyuu, and Kiriko are having a party. Aru is invited to join but the Warudas refuse to hand over the presents back to Aru, with them stating that only bad kids will have presents this year. Rein tries to convince Aru to handle this peacefully but the Warudas taunt Aru into fighting anyways.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completing this episode on any difficulty awards the player with a Reindeer costume as an accessory and the Icy Hideout board. Completing this episode on extreme difficulty awards the player with Rein themed dice.