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Version 1.9.5

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Version 1.9.1 Version 1.9.5 Version 1.9.6

Version 1.9.5

Version 1.9.5 was released on June 12th, 2015.[1] New DLC, Krila & Kae Character Pack Now Available!
Krila & Kae Character Pack.jpg

Adds two new playable characters, each with unique new mechanics:

Krila (QP Shooting - Dangerous!!)
  • HP: 6
  • Attack: 0
  • Defense: -1
  • Evade: -1
Hyper -  Plushie Master (EVENT)
  • Level: 2
  • Cost: 10★
Set “Dance, Long-Eared Beasts!” trap on three random panels.
Hyper -  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! (TRAP)
  • Level: 2
  • Cost: 0★
Take 2 damage. The player who set this card gains 1 HP.
Stock Effect (2): Attack -2.
No effect on the player who set this card.

Kae (Suguri)
  • HP: 4
  • Attack: 0
  • Defense: -1
  • Evade: 1
(Special) When attacking, add reverse value of Defense to Attack.
Hyper -  Blazing! (BOOST)
  • Level: 3
  • Cost: 10★
Inflicts Blazing! on units within 2 panels, and refreshes the duration of existing Blazing!:
Stock Effect (3): Defense -1.
The effect expires upon KO.

  • Added a total of 6 new achievement for the new characters.
  • Added effect tracking to player and field info: you can now see the number of stocked effects and their duration.
  • Changed experience scaling to remove the up to 20% experience penalty when playing with lower level players.
  • Added  Move panels to White Winter.
  • Tomomo's  Magical Massacre now also affects units who currently have higher than maximum HP (rule clarification, no change to description).
  •  Out of Ammo level requirement is now 2 (down from 3).
  •  President's Privilege now allows you to use 16x Big Rocket even if you don’t have the card’s star cost.
  •  Passionate Research should no longer result in players sometimes drawing blank cards.
  • Fixed a possible crash issue with  Passionate Research if using it with a character without a hyper card, and the deck only has hyper cards left.

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