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Version 1.5

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Version 1.5 was released on July 4th, 2014 and was named "Nice Jingle".

  • A Basic Color Pack with 4 extra color presets is now available for purchase for each character in the Shop.
  • Character color can be toggled by clicking on a multicolored orange under the character portrait.
  • Added option to select Random as the map in Free Play (new default selection). This randoms the map out of the ones the player has unlocked.
  • Added option to select random character in deck creation (icon to the right of character portrait). Color can still be toggled after randomizing character.
  • Added a new method to review last used cards. There are small card icons in the bottom right corner that update with recent cards. Mouse-overing them shows the full-size card and name of player who played it.
  • Added short character descriptions to New Game character selection
  • Added unlock notification for new multiplayer items that appear in the Shop as you level up
  • Added more wins for Poppo
  • When attempting to join a game that hasn't yet started but has 4 players, you now join as Spectator, instead of receiving the "Lobby is full" message.
  • Sounds now play even when the game is not in focus.
  • Added option in Configuration to mute sounds when game is not in focus, as before.
  • Card and button animation speeds have been adjusted for high game speeds.
  • Changed the CPU takeover when a Spectator joins as a Player to happen at the start of the next player's turn instead of immediately (indicated by flashing character portrait)
  • Holy Night card has been limited to 1 per deck.
  • (Playable) Boss Robot now has 6 max HP (down from 7).
  • (Playable) Flying Castle now has -2 Defense (down from -1).
  • Updated the descriptions on x16 Big Rocket and Flip Out to accurately describe their effect.
  • You can no longer click Join/Spectate on the lobby screen before host is back in the lobby.
  • Fixed crashes resulting from Steam being offline while playing.
  • Added a check to better remove old 'ghost' lobbies
  • Fixed several issues that might cause the game to desync when host quits.
  • Fixed a problem resulting in a player possibly loading no map and seeing all characters KO'd.
  • DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND 4-6. July! Play online for double exp gains!