Version 1.31.5

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Version 1.31.5

Version 1.31.5 was released on January 9th, 2019.[1]
  • Added a "pity reward" system to the Pet Catcher: after 10 pulls in a row without a reward above Common rarity, an Uncommon, Rare or Super Rare reward is granted automatically.
  • Exchange Tokens (note: not Arcade Tokens) now get replaced when players receive new ones. This makes the effective maximum number of exchange tokens players can carry 6 as of the next time they are granted.
  • Fireworks now have a 5 second cooldown instead of 2 chapters.
  • Fixed issue with item stacking requiring multiple returns to the playmenu.

Unversioned hotfix 1

An unversioned hotfix was released on January 9th, 2019.[2]
  • Fixes possible screen flickering when launching the game in full-screen.

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