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About[edit | edit source]

Someone who uploads lots of game assets to this wiki. I wrote most of the game pages too, so if there's any grammar errors please forgive me!!! I like Orange_Juice games but dislike bullet hells. They are the bane of my existence, so it's a never ending spiral of love and hate, looking at you Suguri Stage 4. If you need some assets for some reason, hit me up on Discord Jonjon#3884. I can also do other games but Suguri, AoS, FRB, QP Kiss, and QP/XMS Shooting (Mostly) things are out of my reach.

Don't ask me about coding like Javascript, CSS and all that tho, my advice would probably wreck the site.

Sandboxes[edit | edit source]

All the cool kids are listing their sandboxes! I gotta keep up!

  • Things to do[edit | edit source]

    • Get someone to translate Christmas Shooting Got Acy Factory's permission to use their translation!
      • Find the time to suffer through Christmas Shooting for screenshots
      • Get True Ending? translated
    • Redo some of the older hairs, recent ones are done using new method that makes them almost a perfect match. Hope all of them are updated now.
    • Get the newer pets added into here.
      • redo slime pet since it was updated
        • Set up a proper "Gallery" page for pets
    • Make a draft for a page on Orange_Juice and maybe also Shindenken
      • Find some credible info on them first
    • Make the dialogue face thingies for all the characters not currently made by FBF
      • Suguri and Hime (Winter)
      • Nath
      • Tequila and Minion
      • All the pigs
      • Any others i'm forgetting
    • Make a Crimson Barrel Page???
    • add lone rider

    My Greatest Creations[edit | edit source]

    200% Mixed Juice Alternate Ending
    Sora vs S. Breaker
    QP vs Ace of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Fighting Club
    100% Orange Juice - Lone Rider Character & Card Pack Trailer
    Flying Red Bunny ~ The Diary of a Little Santa ~ - Final Stage