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Challenges Crates are loot boxes which players can purchase with oranges received from online play. While the contents of each crate is different, each one has its own assortment of random cosmetics for individual characters. Items that can be received include Shop/Color_Packs#Hair_Color_Packs|hair colors, Shop/Miscellaneous#Poses|avatar poses, Shop/Home Markers|home markers, Shop/Dice|dice, and Shop/Costumes|costumes.

Crate Name Price Contents
Crate 2.png Premium Crate 50Orange Icon.png
  • 85% chance of hair color
  • 10% chance of dice
  • 5% chance of player home marker
Crate 1.png Challenge Crate 40Orange Icon.png
  • 94% chance of pose
  • 5% chance of dice
  • 1% chance of player home marker
Crate 3.png Mystery Bag 30Orange Icon.png
  • ?% chance of dice and player home markers, including from old events
  • ?% chance of old event costumes
  • ?% chance of receiving 15Orange Icon.png
  • 0% chance of hair colors or poses
  • Extremely rare chance to receive 1000Orange Icon.png[1]
Crate 4.png Character Crate 100Orange Icon.png
  • 100% chance to unlock a random base game character (except for playable NPCs)
  • The crates will not give any cosmetics for DLC or Bonus characters which the player does not own.
  • You cannot receive duplicates of an item.
  • Items the Mystery Bag can give out include:
    • Halloween_Event/Halloween_Event_2016#Costumes|Halloween Halloween_Event/Halloween_Event_2017#Costumes|Costumes which normally cost Candy in the Shop
    • Christmas_Event/Christmas_Event_2016#Costumes|Christmas Costumes which normally cost Candy Canes in the Shop
    • Sunglasses from the Summer_Event/Summer_Event_2017#New Items|Summer Event
    • Rad Poppo
    • Event dice: Valentine's Day Event/Valentine's Day Event 2017#New Items|Chocolate Dice, Valentine's Day Event/Valentine's Day Event 2017#New Items|Heart Shaped Dice, Summer_Event/Summer_Event_2017#Global Counter|Treasure Dice, Halloween_Event/Halloween_Event_2017#Dice and Point Marker|Pumpkin Dice, Christmas_Event/Christmas_Event_2017#Present Rewards (Event Part 1)|Bell Dice, and Christmas_Event/Christmas_Event_2017#Present Rewards (Event Part 1)|Gingerbread Dice
    • Event home markers: Valentine's Day Event/Valentine's Day Event 2017#New Items|Heart Home Marker, Summer_Event/Summer_Event_2017#Global Counter|Palm Tree Home Marker, Halloween_Event/Halloween_Event_2017#Dice and Point Marker|Witch's Pot Home Marker, Christmas_Event/Christmas_Event_2017#Present Rewards (Event Part 1)|Candy Cane Home Marker
    • Non-event dice and home markers


  1. 1000 Oranges confirmed by discord user <Kae/変> SnufferinSnaggleℂℍ𝔸𝕄ℙ and Iwantdevil.