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Tomato & Mimyuu

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Training Program is a playable field in 100% Orange Juice!

It is featured in the campaigns during Star Breaker Episode 5, Crossed Christmases Episode 3, and Old Guardians Episode 8.

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Unlock Info:
  • The board is already unlocked by default at the beginning of the game.
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Panel Type # of Panels
 Home 4
 Bonus 8
 Bonus (x2) 4
 Draw 8
 Drop 4
 Encounter 4
 Move 8
 Neutral 4
 Warp 1
 Warp Move 4
Field Events
Every 5 Chapters, all Units recover 1 HP at the beginning of the Chapter.
Every 6 Chapters, all players roll a base two dice for movement (up to 4 if using a card increasing your role). This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
Shifu Robot

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Character Synergy[edit | edit source]