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Evil Spy Work - PreparationEvil Spy Work - ExecutionWaruda Machine, Blast Off!
Evil Spy Work - Preparation
Evil Spy Work - Preparation.png
Place 4 "Evil Spy Work - Execution" cards at random positions in the Center Deck.
Hyper Info
20 ★
"Fear Mimyuu's pranks." -Mimyuu

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Mimyuu's Hyper is Evil Spy Work - Preparation. When the Hyper is used, it causes 4 Evil Spy Work - Execution to be placed into the center deck. Once drawn, the card will deal 3 damage to its holder at the end of their turn before being removed from the deck.

Tomato's Hyper is Waruda Machine, Blast Off! When used, Tomato gains Attack and Defense but loses Evasion equal to the amount of cards in the opponent's hand (reaching a maximum of +6 in Attack, +5 in Defense, and -5 in Evasion).

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Evil Spy Work - Preparation is a unique Hyper that centers around deck control. When using Mimyuu, the goal of the player should be to collect as many Hypers as possible. Like Hypers such as  Plushie Master, the Hyper grows in strength the more of them that the player activates during the game. Bombarding the deck with multiple groups of 4 Evil Spy Work - Execution can quickly make drawing a scary task for opponents, as each one deals a massive amount of 3 damage. This enables the player to have an easier time KOing opponents as Tomato, and the card can also be used to instantly KO Mimyuu, allowing for a quick switch to Tomato in order to fight other players. The Hyper also increase Tomato's odds of drawing a Hyper since Executions all draw as Waruda Machine for Tomato. As a result,  Passionate Research is a very effective card for finding a Hyper as Tomato.

Waruda Machine, Blast Off! is a powerful, stat-boosting Hyper that provides a large boost to attack and defense at the cost of evasion. The additional stats are added based off the number of cards in the opponent's hand at the time of activation, thus it is best used in tandem with cards such as  Scary Solicitation or after an opponent uses a card like  Nice Present or  Present for You. The Hyper itself enables Tomato to easily overpower opponents and turn their greatest asset, their cards, into their own worst enemy.

Hyper Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Both Hypers feature crucial flaws, however, that lessen their effectiveness. Waruda Machine, Blast Off!, while powerful is based on the opponent's card amount, not the player's like  Blue Crow the Second, and thus is harder to guarantee results. The opponent will also have more counter options with more cards, and battle cards like  Shield Counter and  Reverse Attribute Field can easily deflect Tomato's Hyper. Evil Spy Work - Execution might also accidentally KO the opponent instead of simply damaging them, making them hard to KO and preserving their stars. The Hypers also work against each other in some aspects, as the player wants the opponent to have less card so they cannot discard  Evil Spy Work - Execution, but  Waruda Machine, Blast Off! needs for the opponent to have a full hand to be powerful.