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[expand] Multiplayer[edit source]

Multiplayer enables multiple players to play together over the Steam network. Multiplayer is accessed from the Free Play menu. One of the Players in the game must create a lobby and act as the server. The rest of the Players can join that lobby as clients.

Creating a Lobby[edit source]

If you create your own lobby, you can decide on which map you want to play on. More map choices will be available to you depending on your campaign progress. You then need to give your lobby a name for all Steam players to identify it with. You can then click OK, your lobby will be created, and you will be taken to the Game Lobby screen to wait for other players to join. Other players will see your lobby listed on the Connect screen.

Lob config.jpg

In the Lobby Configuration, there are choices to:

  • Lobby Name You can change your lobby name, or it will default to your Steam name.
  • Password If you want your game to be private, to play with only your friends whom you share this password, you can make one. For a public one just leave the box blank.
  • Game Speed Game speed can be adjusted to increase/decrease the walking speed, animations, and combat of each character. The range is from 1-4.
  • Board and Field Events You can select the board that will be played on and enable, disable, or add specific Field Events.
  • Kick/Friend You can kick or friend connected players.
  • Begin When you are happy with the number of human players that joined to your server, you can hit begin to start the game. Remaining slots will be filled with the computer players.

Joining a Lobby[edit source]

At the Connect screen, you can see the games currently waiting for players. You can first click to a lobby and then the JOIN button to connect to that game. If that game is password protected you will be asked to enter it. If you do not know the password, you can click the CONTACT button to ask the Lobby Owner for the password using the Steam chat interface.

  • Ready Upon entering the selected lobby, if a spot is open and the game has not yet started, you can select ready to cue the lobby owner to start the match.
  • Join Upon entering the selected lobby, if the game has already started and their is space open, you can select join to request entry. The owner can either accept or reject the request.
  • Friend If you are joining someone else's lobby, you have the option friend the player, which will send a request to their Steam Account.
  • Spectating If you join a game that is already listed as full on the Connection Screen, you will start spectating when the current chapter ends. If a player leaves during or after the match, you can ask to join the game.
  • Chat During the game, you may chat with other players by using the enter key to make your text entry box occur. The message display can be expanded on shrunk.

While playing multiplayer you will notice a time display attached to the player info panels. The time each player can spend is limited to discourage walking away in the middle of online matches, making others wait.

When that time runs out, computer will play for you. If you time out three times in a single match during a public game, you will be kicked out.

You have 60 seconds to play your turns, 40 seconds to defend on other players turns if they attack you and 20 seconds to roll when you are dead.

Lobby Connect[edit source]

Lobby Connect is a list where of all active lobbies are displayed. Lobbies with a green star indicate that a friend is in that lobby.

Lob con.png

Players can filter lobbies by lobby:

  • Public "No" means that this lobby is password protected.
  • Players Number of human players currently in that lobby if there is an extra number in brackets (), then there is a spectator in the room.
  • Speed The speed that lobby is set to play.
  • Events What map events will be active in that lobby.
  • Field Name Which map this lobby is currently set to play.

Gaining Experience and Level-up[edit source]


After a multiplayer game completes, all participating players will gain experience which serve as stars (25px) the player can use in the shop. The winner, by default, gains more experience than others. The experience everyone gets depends on various factors, but in summary, the better your success, the more experience you get, even if you don't win. By gaining certain amounts of experience, you level up, and at certain levels you unlock new items at the shop to use at multiplayer and even discounts.

After a online games end, a player will also receive oranges according to the place they finished in:

Place Oranges
1st 1020px
2nd 820px
3rd 720px
4th 620px

The player will also receive oranges if they have completed any challenges in the process of the game.  See Daily Challenges section for details on challenges.

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