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[expand] Beginners FAQ[edit source]

Q- Is the DLC required?
A- No. The DLCs are completely optional, however, the DLC card packs could be considered advantageous. (Note that you can still use cards from the DLC packs in multiplayer if another play has them in their deck)
Q- How do I change my character and/or character cosmetics?
A- On the deck builder screen, look under your character's image. You may then select a new character or change cosmetics. The same applies in multiplayer.
Q- Can I change my characters name?
A- No. At this time, it is physically impossible to change your name once you have started the game without making a brand new file, so choose wisely.
Q- Why can't I use this character?
A- You must buy it in the shop or buy the DLC necessary to do so. (See the Shop page for more details.)
Q- Why does the board keep changing?
A- See the Field Events section and the Boards page for which effects are active on each map.
Q- Why don't I draw cards that are in my deck?
A- The deck is composed of 48 Cards: 10 from each player + 8 hyper cards. See the "Center Deck" subsection of the Card Essentials section for more details.
Q- What's inside the chests?
A card or stars. See "Treasure" in the Field Events section for further details.
Q- Can mystery items be duplicates?
A- No, once a character cosmetic is unlocked, it is unlocked for good with no chance of being "unlocked" again.
Q- Who is the best character in the game?
A- There is no clear cut answer to that question. Certain characters are more aggressive while others are more passive. Experiment with different characters and find which one suites your game style. We do advise the Playstyles Guide for a rough overview, however.
Q- How do I use chat in multiplayer?
A- Press "enter" on the keyboard to make the text box appear.
Q- I walked away from the screen during an online match and now I'm out of the game?
A- Multiplayer mode has a timer on each player's move to prevent excessive waiting for other players.
Q- Why am I only asked if I want to stop at some File:Pcheck.jpg panels?
A- You will only be stopped at you starting home panel. See the Board Panels section for more info on panels.
Q- How do I get the red/purple crown cosmetic?
A For a red crown, beat all campaigns on Normal or higher. For a purple crown, beat all campaigns on Extreme. (This includes the Extra episodes. See the Campaigns page for more details on the episodes.)

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