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Melting Memories
Melting Memories.png
All other players discard and replace a card from their hand.
Reverse all enemy cards.
Hyper Info
other player cards x 5 ★
"How foolish you are to have challenged a God. Prepare to taste your bitter defeat!" - Sweet Breaker

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Sweet Breaker's hyper is Melting Memories. When the Hyper is used, it causes all other players to replace one card in their hand with a new one from the deck. All opposing units then have the cards in their hand become reversed for the player to see. All cards held during the activation of the hyper are permanently reversed until used or discarded.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Melting Memories is one of the most unique Hyper cards in the game. When activated, the effect works in tandem with her passive ability to boosts all of Sweet Breaker's stats. This enables her to have some of the highest stats possible if the opponent has 3 cards in their hand. This easily makes a Sweet Breaker a risk to fight against in any scenario, as she can play the role of both an offensive and defensive character at the same time, when boosted by her Hyper. Advantageously, the Hyper is also relatively useless if another player manages to steal or draw the card from a chest as it will only serve to boost Sweet Breaker's stats.

While designed as a mostly offensive-based card, the Hyper also acts as very powerful disruption to opposing players. The effect enables Sweet Breaker to see all of her opponent's cards permanently until they are either used or discarded, which enables the player to counter enemy strategies before they occur. More importantly, this often leads other players to act in a frenzy, often using cards without purpose to emptying their hand.

While overall a strong Hyper, the main draw back of the Melting Memories is that it can be expensive depending on the amount of cards held by the opponent, however its price can be reduced with  President's Privilege. It also can be very easily countered simply by the opponent "wasting" their cards to empty their hand, or by cards that empty the hand such as  Scrambled Eve.