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  • Screw people with deck control. Tomato and Mimyuu. Don't help anyone
  • Scramble eve, hand destroyign cards and execution deck. Force to draw from deck and get exectution. Lowers HP to there level and they can pick them off. Passionate research will draw execution.
  • Scary solicitation lose stars to draw, and lose health with execution.
  • Saki's cookie may be used but is uneeded as are defense cards. Tactical retreat are good.
  • Mimyuu is designed to die. play and collect preperations and die to use Tomato. She turns preperations to waruda machine.
  • Execution can be used to kill mimyuu and can be used to kill tomato to stall in front of a home.
  • Just kills people no star loss
  • 3 exectutions are set thus they have a high chance of waruda machine.
  • Countered by bullies and marc and suguri v2, strong against Aru and kiriko.
  • So nice present, passionate, scary solicitation, scambled eve, whos privledge and princess.
  • Tomato is your attacker, Mimyuu is your hyper setter and bait
  • Charity is your friend, air raid is bad, miracle is okay. prioritize draw panels
  • Get hyper with mimyuu, activate them, die opponents draw execution, you draw, execution but it becomes waruda machine?
  • Tomato sucks against bosses.
  • Here and there can help escape.

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Fernet's Hyper is Air Strike. Air Strike deals between 1-3 random damage to all living targets on the board other than Fernet, granting 15 stars per kill if it KOs anyone.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Airstrike would be an effective hyper if Fernet could prey on her weakened opponents. At a cost of 30 stars, the hyper itself is fairly costly considering its limited benefits. Without a star cost reduction, the returns are minimal: KOing one unit will result in a net star loss of 15 stars, KOing two units will result in net zero cost, and KOing all three opponent units will result in a gain of 15 stars. As a result, Air Strike only performs well in the rare occasion that all of Fernet's opponents are weak and that she is lucky enough to deal the necessary damage on all of them. Unfortunately, unlike Marc's Hyper, Template:Ai, killing a target with Air Strike doesn't grant any wins either.

The Hyper does have other uses, however. If not for KOing, Air Strike can be useful for weakening all opponents, especially when they have a high amount of stars, and puts most characters at risk of losing their stars in combat, especially on a map with a battlefield field event.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Version 1.3.2 added the gain 15 stars for every unit KO'd effect to Fernet's hyper.