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If you were looking for the card, see Summer Games (card). If you were looking for the achievement, see Summer Games (achievement).

Event Timeline
Previous Minions of the Master Beach Party (2019 Rerun) Next
Event Info
Title Summer Games
Summer2019 logo.png
Start July 13th, 2019
End August 10th, 2019
Event Clock
Story Campaign Story
Update Version 2.2

Overview[edit | edit source]

QP has gone bonkers from too much sun! You need to tire her out by playing with her and her new QP Corps minions! The new co-op boss "Summer Beast" is now available to play!

  • The goal of the event is to play games in Co-op Mode to beat the new super-powered co-op boss, which will play as a CPU character and can also be encountered on  Boss panels. All four players must work as a co-op team with multiple new rules and Hypers in order to deplete bosses health to 0. If all players are KO'd at the same time, the players lose the game. A global counter will decrease based upon the damage dealt to the Boss during the match.

Rule Changes[edit | edit source]

Summer Beast (unit).png

Summer Beast is the unique Co-op Mode boss for the Summer Games event. It has 5HP, and has a statline of 0 ATK, DEF and EVD outside of battle, and +2 ATK, +1 DEF and 0 EVD during combat. It possesses 10 lives, so the players will need to KO the boss 10 times to win the game. It also has a Hype mechanic indicated in the boss card at the top of the screen with a Pudding icon, which builds up to a Rampage. A Rampage will cause damage to all players, double its movement rolls and give Summer Beast +1HP permanently. It has a set of passives:

  • Every turn, summon a seagull Minion (up to Boss lvl).
  • When a Minion is defeated, lose 1 Hype.
  • When a player is KO'd, gain 1 Hype.
  • If Boss has 10+ Hype at the start of Boss turn, Rampage.

Cards used by Summer Beast
Level 0 Cards


Level 1 Cards

Chase.pngChase.png Play (SB).pngPlay (SB).png Tire Out.pngTire Out.png Pudding Seeker.pngPudding Seeker.png Birds.pngBirds.png Seagull Friend.pngSeagull Friend.png Dance of the Seagulls.pngDance of the Seagulls.png

Level 2 Cards

Play Tag.pngPlay Tag.png Hide And Seek.pngHide And Seek.png Splash Water.pngSplash Water.png Psyched Up.pngPsyched Up.png Play With Birds.pngPlay With Birds.png Exhaustion.pngExhaustion.png

Level 3 Cards

Seagull Master.pngSeagull Master.png Watermelon Splitting.pngWatermelon Splitting.png Pudding Break.pngPudding Break.png Hype It Up.pngHype It Up.png Sandwich Thieves.pngSandwich Thieves.png


Hype Mode.pngHype Mode.png Rampage.pngRampage.png Rampage (hyper difficulty).pngRampage (hyper difficulty).png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png

Event Rewards[edit | edit source]

All drops can be earned in both single and multiplayer, but multiplayer is advised.

Name Cost/How to Unlock
Sunglasses Icon.pngSunglasses Drop on Co-Op victory for characters from DLC 18 and beyond.
Miusaki's Volleyball Icon.pngMiusaki's Volleyball KO Summer Beast 3 times in a single game while playing as Miusaki on any difficulty (single or online). Victory is not required.
Summer Beast Dice.pngSummer Beast Dice Permanent dice added to Co-op. Beat Summer Beast on Hyper difficulty.

This event features the below bonus items (shown as 0/2 at the event beginning).

Name Cost/How to Unlock
Clamshell Dice.pngClamshell Dice Random Drop in Co-Op.
Drink Table Homemark Icon.pngDrink Table Homemark Random Drop in Co-Op.


This event features a global counter on the main menu of the game. As Summer Beast takes damage in online games, her global health decreases. Starting at 750,000 HP, once a certain amount of damage is dealt, new items were unlocked for all players.

Note that players must fight Summer Beast at least once before global counter rewards can be received.

Health Count Rewards/Cosmetics
500,000 Summer Beast Hyper difficulty
Ocean Dive shop icon.png Ocean Dive board
250,000 Summer2018 role4.png Dealer Role
0 PomeranianPet1.pngPomeranian pet
QP SwimsuitMarc SwimsuitFernet Swimsuit

Name Cost/How to Unlock
Sunglasses Icon.pngSunglasses Drop on Co-Op victory for characters before DLC 18.