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These are the Achievements that players can earn on Steam for doing certain tasks. There are currently 194 achievements: 75 base game and 119 DLC.

100% Orange Juice DLC
# Icon Name Description DLC Hidden?
1 Bit by Bit.jpg Bit by Bit Play 10 games as Nanako. 1 No
2 Fully Deployed.jpg Fully Deployed Gaining +7 in a single stat as Nanako after using  Deploy Bits. 1 No
3 Orders Are Absolute.jpg Orders Are Absolute While playing as Nanako, KO Suguri. 1 Yes
4 Chicken Parade.jpg Chicken Parade Play 10 games as Syura. 1 No
5 Beyond Hell (achievement).jpg Beyond Hell KO an opponent at full HP, while playing as Syura at one HP. 1 No
6 End of Pudding.jpg End of Pudding KO QP, while playing as Syura. 1 Yes
7 Saki's Cookie (achievement).jpg Saki's Cookie Play 10 games as Saki. 2 No
8 The Big Bang.jpg The Big Bang As Saki, KO at least 2 other players with one  Big Bang Bell you have set. 2 No
9 Dropped the Bomb.jpg Dropped the Bomb As Saki, KO yourself with your own  Big Bang Bell and nobody else. 2 Yes
10 Seeking Kyupita.jpg Seeking Kyupita Play 10 games as Kyousuke. 2 No
11 Liberated.jpg Liberated As Kyousuke, KO 5 characters in one game while using  Cast Off. 2 No
12 Kiss from a Rose.jpg Kiss from a Rose As Kyousuke, defeat the same male enemy 3 times in one match with  Cast Off in effect. 2 Yes
13 Waylaid.jpg Waylaid Use  Ambush to kill a single player. 3 No
14 Changeling.jpg Changeling As Poppo, successfully use  Mimic on someone other than Poppo. 3 Yes
15 Hard Counter.jpg Hard Counter KO a player using  Shield Counter while at 1HP. 3 No
16 A Tight Budget.jpg A Tight Budget Use sixty stars' worth of cards in a single chapter after spending ten stars on a  President's Privilege. 3 No
17 A Side Order of Chicken.jpg A Side Order of Chicken Slay an entire  Piyopiyo Procession. 3 No
18 The Long Run.jpg The Long Run Survive 10 turns under the effect of  Lonely Chariot. 3 No
19 Put It on the Bill.jpg Put It on the Bill Use  Tactical Retreat while under the effects of  President's Privilege. 3 No
20 Denizen of Darkness.jpg Denizen of Darkness Play 10 games as Krila. 4 No
21 Plushie Master (achievement).jpg Plushie Master Overheal to 9/6HP as Krila using  Plushie Master. 4 No
22 Dance of the Beasts.jpg Dance of the Beasts Have nine  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! traps on the field at the same time. 4 No
23 Battle Addict.jpg Battle Addict Play 10 games as Kae. 4 No
24 All Ablaze.jpg All Ablaze Awarded for placing everyone on the map under Kae's  Blazing! effect. 4 No
25 Better to Burn Out.jpg Better to Burn Out Achieving a value of -5 Defense as Kae. 4 No
26 Planned Demolition.jpg Planned Demolition Play 10 games as Alte. 5 No
27 Full Payload.jpg Full Payload Successfully use  Self-Destruct as Alte three times in a single match. 5 No
28 Rebellion.jpg Rebellion Awarded for killing a boss with  Self-Destruct. 5 No
29 A Cool Beauty.jpg A Cool Beauty Play 10 games as Kyoko. 5 No
30 Total Barrier.jpg Total Barrier Win a game as Kyoko without being KO'd in battle. 5 No
31 You Call That a Trap?.jpg You Call That a Trap? Win a match as Kyoko without ever succumbing to the effects of a trap. 5 No
32 Cutie.jpg Cutie Play 10 games as Sham. 6 No
33 Tag Team.jpg Tag Team As Sham, use  Delta Field to cause another player to die on a boss panel. 6 No
34 Taking You Home.jpg Taking You Home As Sham, KO Sora during  Delta Field. 6 Yes
35 Free Spirit.jpg Free Spirit Play 10 games as Sherry. 6 No
36 A Whimsical Beatdown.jpg A Whimsical Beatdown KO all three other players using  Whimsical Windmill. 6 No
37 Combat Flight.jpg Combat Flight Achieve the 14 Wins norma while playing as Sherry three times. 6 No
38 Champion of War.jpg Champion of War Play 10 games as Star Breaker. 7 No
39 Unbreakable.jpg Unbreakable Win a game as Star Breaker without being KO'd. 7 No
40 A Long Fuse.jpg A Long Fuse Deal over 50 damage in a single match with the bombs laid by  Star Blasting Fuse. 7 No
41 Proof of the Pudding.jpg Proof of the Pudding Complete Star Breaker's scenario on Normal difficulty or higher. 7 No
42 Champion of Peace.jpg Champion of Peace Play 10 games as Sweet Breaker. 7 No
43 Source of Conflict.jpg Source of Conflict As Sweet Breaker, discard 6 pudding cards using  Melting Memories in a single match. 7 No
44 The Traditional Way.jpg The Traditional Way As Sweet Breaker, defeat 3 player/CPU characters in a single match under the effect of her hyper,  Melting Memories. 7 No
45 A Sweet Ending.jpg A Sweet Ending Clear Sweet Breaker's campaign on Normal difficulty or higher. 7 No
46 Fully Accelerated.jpg Fully Accelerated Obtain all of the cards in the Acceleration Pack. 8 No
47 Gentleman's Victory.jpg Gentleman's Victory KO someone with  Gentleman's Battle. 8 No
48 Miser.jpg Miser Hold on to the same  Unlucky Charm card for 10 chapters straight. 8 No
49 Lost And Found.jpg Lost And Found Lose your hand to a  Present Thief trap, and then land on the same trap again to get it back. 8 No
50 Who Put This Here?.jpg Who Put This Here? Draw someone else's hyper from the center deck after it is placed there by  Scrambled Eve. 8 No
51 They See Me Rolling.jpg They See Me Rolling Roll 4 dice during one attack. 8 No
52 Quick Fix.jpg Quick Fix Heal at least 5 health with a single use of  Quick Restoration. 8 No
53 In a Burst of Light.jpg In a Burst of Light Destroy at least ten traps with a single use of  Star-Blasting Light. 8 No
54 Ultimate Weapon.jpg Ultimate Weapon Play 10 games as Nath. 9 No
55 Ultimate Destruction.jpg Ultimate Destruction Use  Another Ultimate Weapon with 200 or more stars. 9 No
56 All Systems Go.jpg All Systems Go KO 3 players as Nath after having gained 3 stacks of Active Extension. 9 No
57 We Are Waruda (achievement).jpg We Are Waruda Play 10 games as Tomato & Mimyuu. 9 No
58 Bad Kids' Usurpation.jpg Bad Kids' Usurpation KO Yuki while playing as Tomato & Mimyuu. 9 No
59 Spy Games.jpg Spy Games KO 5 other players in one game with  Waruda Machine, Blast Off!. 9 No
60 Not a Real Medical License.jpg Not a Real Medical License Play 10 games as Kiriko. 11 No
61 The Doctor is Out.jpg The Doctor is Out KO all 4 players, including yourself, with a single use of  Final Surgery. 11 No
62 Lingering Effects.jpg Lingering Effects As Kiriko, use battle cards to reduce your Max HP to 2, and then win the match. 11 No
63 Master of Thighs.jpg Master of Thighs Play 10 games as NoName. 11 No
64 Ahead of the Game.jpg Ahead of the Game Achieve the final norma as NoName (Head). 11 No
65 Man's Best Friend.jpg Man's Best Friend While defending, use  Overseer to KO your attacker. 11 No
66 Feeling Blue.jpg Feeling Blue Play 10 games as Ceoreparque. 13 No
67 Float Like a Butterfly.jpg Float Like a Butterfly Evade successfully 10 times in a single game as Ceoreparque. 13 No
68 Just a Lock of Hair.jpg Just a Lock of Hair Use  Witch's Hair Lock on another player to force them to Norma. 13 No
69 Cheerful Green.jpg Cheerful Green Play 10 games as Miusaki. 13 No
70 Can Take a Pummeling.jpg Can Take a Pummeling Survive 10 battles in a row in a single game as Miusaki. 13 No
71 Slightly Dense.jpg Slightly Dense Avoid damage from an out-of-battle source that would have killed you while under the effect of  Solid Witch. 13 No
72 Girl Power.jpg Girl Power Complete the Girl Power campaign on Normal difficulty or higher. 13 No
73 New Cat in the House.jpg New Cat in the House Play 10 games as Yuki (Dangerous). 15 No
74 Beastly Cunning.jpg Beastly Cunning As Yuki (Dangerous), gain 7 or more Wins using Traps in one game. 15 Yes
75 Gone Pudding Gone.jpg Gone Pudding Gone As Yuki (Dangerous), ruin 5 pudding in one game. 15 Yes
76 Leisure Time.jpg Leisure Time Play 10 games as Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater). 15 No
77 Magical Miracle!.jpg Magical Miracle! As Tomomo (Sweet Eater), KO at least 2 players using one  Magical Revenge. 15 Yes
78 A Fine Day to Stay in Bed.jpg A Fine Day to Stay in Bed Win a game as Tomomo (Casual) without turning into Tomomo (Sweet Eater). 15 Yes
79 Nanora!.jpg Nanora! Play 10 games as Tsih. 17 No
80 Can't see me, nyahaha!.jpg Can't see me, nyahaha! Win a game as Tsih without being attacked by another player. 17 Yes
81 A Lot of Rocks.jpg A Lot of Rocks As Tsih, KO 5 opposing players in one game while holding a Gift card. 17 Yes
82 Oh, Tequila.jpg Oh, Tequila Play 10 games as Tequila. 17 No
83 A Pirate I Was Meant to Be.jpg A Pirate I Was Meant to Be As Tequila, have 10  Flying Pirate traps on the field at the same time. 17 Yes
84 Pirate's Booty.jpg Pirate's Booty As Tequila, have Pirate Crew Members steal over 100 stars from other players. 17 Yes
85 Troublemaker.jpg Troublemaker Play 10 games as Mei. 18 No
86 Red vs Blue.jpg Red vs Blue As Mei, KO 5 other players while holding  Red & Blue. 18 Yes
87 Pumpkin Smasher.jpg Pumpkin Smasher As Mei, KO two other players with one use of  White Christsmasher or  True White Christsmasher. 18 Yes
88 Nacchan.jpg Nacchan Play 10 games as Natsumi. 18 No
89 True Feast.jpg True Feast As Natsumi, heal 10 or more HP with one use of  Cooking Time. 18 Yes
90 Master Chef.jpg Master Chef As Natsumi, heal 10 or more HP for other players by cooking for them on the same panel. 18 Yes
91 Santa's Little Menace.jpg Santa's Little Menace Play 10 games as Nico. 19 No
92 A Hyper Bunny.jpg A Hyper Bunny As Nico, use at least 5 hyper cards from other units during a match. 19 Yes
93 Nico's Presents!.jpg Nico's Presents! As Nico, use  Present Thief to receive cards from Aru. 19 Yes
94 Working Dad.jpg Working Dad Play 10 games as Arthur. 19 No
95 Welcome to the Toy Store.jpg Welcome to the Toy Store As Arthur, set up 10 shops in 1 game. 19 Yes
96 Record Sales.jpg Record Sales As Arthur, receive payments at least 15 times in 1 game. 19 Yes
97 Crossed Christmases (achievement).jpg Crossed Christmases Complete the Crossed Christmases campaign on Normal difficulty or higher. 19 Yes
98 Tomboy.jpg Tomboy Play 10 games as Iru. 20 No
99 Heavy Duty.jpg Heavy Duty As Iru, KO 5 enemies in one game using  Extended Photon Rifle. 20 Yes
100 Strike Force One.jpg Strike Force One As Iru, KO an enemy who has 1 HP after challenging them to battle while at 1 HP. 20 Yes
101 Say Our Name.jpg Say Our Name Play 10 games as Mira. 20 No
102 Mark of a Hero.jpg Mark of a Hero As Mira, win a game on the action following  Leap Through Space. 20 Yes
103 Smoke and Mirrors.jpg Smoke and Mirrors As Mira, have enemies roll 1 while under your smoke effect at least 5 times in one game. 20 Yes
104 Ultimate Duet.jpg Ultimate Duet Play 10 games as Sora & Sham (Cuties). 21 No
105 Full House.jpg Full House As Sora & Sham (Cuties), use  Special Stage to steal stars from three different opponents. 21 No
106 A New Star is Born.jpg A New Star is Born As Poppo, use  Special Stage. 21 Yes
107 Master of Puppets.jpg Master of Puppets Play 10 games as Yuuki. 23 No
108 Voice of Punishment.jpg Voice of Punishment As Yuuki, KO 5 players in battle during even-numbered turns. 23 No
109 Voice of Healing.jpg Voice of Healing As Yuuki, heal 10 or more HP with  Angel Hand in a single game. 23 No
110 Guild Mate.jpg Guild Mate Play 10 games as Islay. 23 No
111 The Cross of Battle.jpg The Cross of Battle As Islay, challenge 7 or more players to battle in a single game. 23 No
112 Rivalry.jpg Rivalry As Islay, KO Sherry while using  Rival. 23 Yes
113 A Pack of Pudding.jpg A Pack of Pudding Collect all cards in the Pudding Pack. 24 No
114 The Odds Paid Off.jpg The Odds Paid Off TBD 24 No
115 Serious Fire Support.jpg Serious Fire Support TBD 24 No
116 Dirty Business.jpg Dirty Business TBD 24 No
117 Bound by Destiny.jpg Bound by Destiny TBD 24 No
118 Loved by Fans.jpg Loved by Fans TBD 24 No
119 Lucky Streak.jpg Lucky Streak TBD 24 No