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These are the Achievements that players can earn on Steam for doing certain tasks. There are currently 152 achievements: 49 base game and 103 DLC.

Base Game
100% Orange Juice Base Game
# Icon Name Description Hidden?
1 100% Orange Juice (achievement).jpg 100% Orange Juice Complete every Non-DLC achievement in 100% Orange Juice. No
2 Pudding Chaser.jpg Pudding Chaser Complete QP's scenario on Normal difficulty or higher. No
3 Hyper.jpg Hyper Complete Suguri's scenario on Normal difficulty or higher. No
4 A Little Aviator.jpg A Little Aviator Complete Marc's scenario on Normal difficulty or higher. No
5 Penny Pincher.jpg Penny Pincher Complete Kai's scenario on Normal difficulty or higher. No
6 Poppo? (achievement).jpg Poppo? Complete the extra scenarios on Normal difficulty or higher. No
7 Superstar.jpg Superstar Complete all scenarios on Normal difficulty or higher. No
8 Booster Pack.jpg Booster Pack Reach 25% card binder completion. No
9 Collector.jpg Collector Reach 50% card binder completion. No
10 Card Shark.jpg Card Shark Reach 75% card binder completion. No
11 Card Sage.jpg Card Sage Reach 100% card binder completion. No
12 People Watching.jpg People Watching Acquire all (non-dlc) unit cards. No
13 Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards.jpg Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards Attempt to start a game with less than 10 cards. Yes
14 Nice Present (achievement).jpg Nice Present Get a rare card from purchasing a card pack. No
15 Shiny!.jpg Shiny! Roll 10 or higher on a bonus panel. No
16 Poppo Always Wins.jpg Poppo Always Wins Play 70 games. No
17 Little Wars.jpg Little Wars Win 35 games. No
18 Starbound.jpg Starbound Hold 700 stars at once in a single game. No
19 Tougher Than Diamond.jpg Tougher Than Diamond Win a game on a map with the Air RaidAir Raid
Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
field event active without being KO'd.
20 Your Home Is My Home.jpg Your Home Is My Home Win a game without visiting your home base. No
21 And Away They Went.jpg And Away They Went Use a trap to prevent another player from achieving Norma. No
22 Banned for Life (achievement).jpg Banned for Life Defeat the Boss Manager. No
23 Full Metal Brother.jpg Full Metal Brother Defeat the Boss Robot. No
24 Moving Castle in the Sky.jpg Moving Castle in the Sky Defeat the Castle Boss. No
25 Mimyuu's Hammer (achievement).jpg Mimyuu's Hammer Defeat 100 NPCs. No
26 Definite Defender.jpg Definite Defender Survive an attack from an offensive roll of 9 or higher. No
27 You Can Run....jpg You Can Run... Defeat each opponent at least once in a single game. No
28 Fair Trade.jpg Fair Trade Land on  Exchange and come out with more stars than you had before the trap's activation. No
29 Some People Have All the Luck!.jpg Some People Have All the Luck! Fail the final revive roll. No
30 The Girl Who Stole the Stars.jpg The Girl Who Stole the Stars Steal 50 stars from an enemy with  Ubiquitous. No
31 Unstoppable.jpg Unstoppable Defeat 5 enemies in a row without being KO'd. No
32 Pacifist.jpg Pacifist Win a game by only picking stars norma. No
33 Duelist.jpg Duelist Win a game by only picking wins norma. No
34 Battle Master.jpg Battle Master Obtain 21 wins in a single game. No
35 Vendetta.jpg Vendetta Defeat the same opponent 5 times during battles in a single game. No
36 Mad Dash.jpg Mad Dash Awarded for moving a certain amount of spaces due to move panels. No
37 Turned Tables.jpg Turned Tables KO an opponent that had previously dealt damage to you during your current life, while the BacktrackBacktrack
Every 8 Chapters, all players move in the reverse direction. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
field event is active.
38 Riding the Blast Wave.jpg Riding the Blast Wave Win a game on a map with the BomberBomber
Every 2 Chapters, place a visible bomb on a random panel. The bomb will explode within 1 to 4 Chapters, and units within 2 panels in a cross-shaped area of the bomb panel will take damage.
field event active without ever being hit by an explosion.
39 Extortion.jpg Extortion Steal 50+ stars in one battle using  Dark Side of Business. No
40 Poppo Stole the Precious Things.jpg Poppo Stole the Precious Things Steal 2+ cards with one  Treasure Thief. No
41 Bounty Hunter.jpg Bounty Hunter KO 2 players afflicted with  Wanted in one game. No
42 Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming Use multiple  Price of Power cards to play a card at least 2 levels above your level. No
43 Finding Friends.jpg Finding Friends KO 3 players in one game while carrying  Lost Child. No
44 Wild Party.jpg Wild Party Warp to a home panel with  Party Time. No
45 Big, Bigger, Po.jpg Big, Bigger, Po KO Big Poppo. No
46 Priceless Treasure.jpg Priceless Treasure Pick up 3 Hyper treasures from the TreasureTreasure
At the start of every Chapter places a chest on a random panel (up to board size limit). Stopping on the panel with the chest will the give the player its contents.
Treasure chest stars.png Gives stars equal to the current number of Chapters.
Treasure chest cards.png Gives a random hyper card.
field event in one game.
47 Fun and Games.jpg Fun and Games Win an Uncommon reward from the Pet Catcher. Yes
48 Lucky Draw.jpg Lucky Draw Win a Rare or Super Rare reward from the Pet Catcher. Yes
49 Trophy Collector.jpg Trophy Collector Obtain a pet from the Pet Exchange. Yes