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Stars are the main form of currency in 100% Orange Juice! When the player completes a game in online multiplayer or single player, they will receive Stars Icon.pngStars at the end of the match. These stars can then be used to purchase card packs and characters among other available items in the shop. (These are not the same as the stars the player collects during a match)

When the player completes a game, they will immediately be met with a "Breakdown of Gained Stars" menu. This menu displays the performance of the player during the game, and the stars awarded based on the player's performance in the game during the match. After the amount has been calculated, the player receives EXP and stars equal to the total at the bottom of the card.

Bonuses Calculation
Owned Stars Current player star count.
Level Bonus Player level x 50★.
Enemy Bonus Wins x 10★.
Rank Bonus 1st 300★, 2nd 100★, 3rd 50★, 4th 0★.
Campaign Bonus
  • 50 x As many stars as the episode number in any of the four main campaigns.
  • (Final Episode counts as Episode 6, and Extra Scenarios count as Episode 7, while Tomomo Hell counts as Episode 10 and grants the player 500★).
Boss Bonus Number of Bosses slain x 100★.
Trap Meister
  • Placing traps down and having other players land on them. Minimum Requirement 5 traps. 200★ bonus.
  • Number of traps landed after minimum x 50★. Example: 10 traps landed. 5x50 = 250+200 = 450★
Card Master
  • Use cards of different types. Starts at 100★ and increases by 50. Require at least 3 different card types. Traps only count if triggered.
  • Unknown minimum and formula.
Misfortune Land on traps, minimum requirement 10. Number of traps landed on x 10★.
Survivor Never get KO'd. Flat 200★ bonus.
Avenger Drop to 1 HP from full in battle and KO the opponent. 300★ bonus.
Star Decay 60+ Chapters, 1% ★ loss per chapter after.
Orange Big Icon.png

Oranges are the second main form of currency in 100% Orange Juice! Oranges can be used in the shop to purchase some of the hair colors available for each character or to purchase challenge crates. Oranges can only be earned in online multiplayer, and can only be rewarded to the player in one of two ways:

  1. The first and most common method of earning oranges is by simply playing online multiplayer games. At the conclusion of a match, the player will receive oranges according to the place they finished. As to be expected, the higher the player standing, the higher the number of oranges rewarded.
    10Oranges Icon.png
    8Oranges Icon.png
    7Oranges Icon.png
    6Oranges Icon.png
  2. The second and most lucrative way to earn oranges is by completing daily challenges. Every few days, the player will receive daily challenges that can be completed by playing matches under certain circumstances. The completion of a challenge will instantly reward the player with 40Oranges Icon.pngOranges for use. Thus, the player can receive 120 oranges by completing all 3 quests when they become available, plus additional oranges from their place in the match.