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Norma are conditions that need to be completed to win the game. Each time a Norma is completed the player must land on a  Home panel, and they will be able to choose another Norma to complete. The player must complete all 5 Normas tasks and return to a home panel to officially win the game.
There are 2 types of Norma to select from: Star Norma & Wins Norma. It is important to note however, that a player should choose their Norma condition wisely and according to their current situation, as once a condition is chosen, it cannot be revoked. A player can also quickly see their selected Norma or the Norma selected by an opponent by viewing the character HUD. If the word "Stars" is highlighted, then the player has selected Star Norma. Likewise, if the word "Wins" is highlighted, then the player has selected Wins Norma.
Norma Types
Star Norma
Star Norma is a collection based Norma relying on Stars. The advantage of this Norma is that stars are relatively easy to collect, as there are multiple ways to get them.
  • At the beginning of every Chapter, the player will automatically receive a small amount of stars. This amount increases over time; the player gains stars equal to:ChapterStartStarFormula.png+1.
  • You can also collect stars by landing on  Bonus panels. Up to Norma level 3, the player gains stars equal to: Norma level x roll.
  • Certain card effects.
  • When you win battles: you gain half the stars (rounded down) of an opponent when you defeat that opponent in battle, or all the stars gained by an enemy or boss (from when that enemy/boss defeated opponents) when you defeat them.
The inherent downside to this Norma is that it is easy to lose stars. Stars can be lost by:
  • Spending them to play cards.
  •  Drop panels: lose (Norma level x roll).
  • As a result of some card effects.
  • When you are KO'd in battle by other players and Wild Units.
Wins Norma
Wins Norma is a combat based Norma relying on combat Wins. Rather than collecting stars, the player should focus more on landing on  Encounter panels and KO'ing other players. The advantage to this Norma is:
  • Your number of Wins will never decrease no matter what
  • The player is able to ignore how many stars they have.
  • If the player would like to switch Norma's on the next level, battles also give stars, which prevents the player from falling too far behind Star Norma.
The downsides to this Norma are:
  • It can be difficult to fulfill depending on what unit you are using and your RNG.
  • The more battles you fight, the more likely you are to be knocked out.
Depending on the opponent you defeat, the player will receive a varying amount of Wins:
Opponent Worth
Wild Unit 1 Victory
Player 2 Victories
Boss 3 Victories
Norma Level
To level up, the player must complete the condition for their Norma and land on any player's  Home Panel. Each level has a task to move to the next that steadily grows more difficult. The level and Norma condition to be fulfilled to proceed to the next level is listed below:
Level Stars Victories
1☆ 10
2☆ 30 2
3☆ 70 5
4☆ 120 9
5☆ 200 14
6☆ Win Win
Norma Level 4
When Norma level 4 is reached by any player, the Boss Encounter Field Event will activate.
Name Effect
Boss Encounter

The first turn after a player reaches level 4, all  Encounter panels will be replaced with  Boss panels. Note that Boss Encounters will normally occur only once per game but some card effects may cause additional encounters to occur. While a Boss Encounter is in effect, any player who stops on a  Boss panel will battle the Boss Unit. This Event will continue until the Boss Unit is defeated.

The Star Breaker Exception
If the player is using the DLC 7 character, Star Breaker, they will be restricted to solely using the Wins Norma to attain victory. Unlike the rest of the characters, Star Breaker will start with 1 Victory as her first Norma condition, as opposed to collecting 10 Stars. As the player levels up as Star Breaker, Wins Norma will be automatically selected every time the player Normas.
Starb 00 01.png
The Cuties Exception
If the player is using the DLC 21 character, Cuties, they will be restricted to solely using the Star Norma to attain victory. As the player levels up as Cuties, Star Norma will be automatically selected every time the player Normas.
Cuties 00 01.png