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Sora no Kakera

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Sora no Kakera
Sora no Kakera cover.png
Publication Information
  Artist(s)   Orange_Juice
  Publisher(s)   Fruitbat Factory
  Release date   August 15th, 2010JP
  November 21st, 2010DLsite
  January 5th, 2016Steam
  December 21st, 2016iTunes
  Catalog No.   ORDD-0010
  Format   CD, Digital
  Length   1 hr. 2 min.

Sora no Kakera (ソラノカケラ) was composed by DEKU and consists of 16 arranged tracks making up the soundtrack for Sora.

It was released as a CD album in Japan during Comiket 78 alongside with the release of Sora, on August 15th. 2010.[1] Later, it was released in digital format on DLsite on November 21st, 2010.[2] Eventually, the album saw a release through western outlets though the iTunes Store and Amazon on December 21st, 2016[3][4] and on Steam, coinciding with the release of Sora, on January 5th, 2016.[5]

Track List[edit | edit source]

No. Name Preview Length
1 Daedalus 1:36
2 Menu 2:59
3 Practice 1:28
4 Gray Hued 4:23
5 Readiness 3:07
6 Ice Cage 1 6:31
7 World of Sepia 4:09
8 Overdrive 2:55
9 Each Reason 4:42
10 Le Train 3:25
11 Regalia 3:53
12 Abstract 4:30
13 Necessary 4:19
14 Novation 5:45
15 Grand Blue 6:05
16 Morning Glory 2:20

Due to the fact that Sora no Kakera, unlike the 100% Orange Juice soundtrack, is composed of commercial music and not royalty free music, the full duration of each song will not be played on 100% Orange Juice Wiki. Only previews from DEKU's spotify album will be shown.[6]

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