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Extraordinary Specs
Extraordinary Specs.png
Effect Duration: 1 chapter
Roll 6 for movement, battle, bonus and drop.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"I'd appreciate it if you dropped your weapons." -Sora

Sora's Hyper is Extraordinary Specs. Extraordinary Specs causes Sora to roll 6 for movement, battle, bonus and drop during 1 chapter.

Hyper Strategy[edit | edit source]

Extraordinary Specs is a powerful Hyper that greatly boosts Sora's movement and combat abilities. For the duration of the chapter, up until the player's next movement roll, all dice rolls are guaranteed to be perfect sixes. As a result, this enables Sora to effectively catch opponents, overpower them, and defend against them with guaranteed roll strength.

The hyper itself opens up tons of strategies for the player and can easily be combined with other cards to guarantee an opponent's defeat. Cards such as  Little War can give the player an edge in combat or using  Final Battle can force an opponent into a disadvantaged battle to the end. The player should keep in-mind, however, that these combos are extremely expensive ranging from 60-80 stars.

The main draw back of Extraordinary Specs is that the Hyper itself is costly and can only be used at higher levels. Also, even though the Hyper makes Sora throw max rolls, the Hyper does not guarantee the player will KO the opponent. This in turn can, lead to disappointing outcomes if the player does not use more cards, given the high cost of Extraordinary Specs. However as mentioned previously, using additional cards will further raise the already expensive price of using the Hyper.