Sky Restaurant 'Pures'

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Trap Card
Sky Restaurant 'Pures'.png
Lose half your stars and fully restore HP.
4 ☆
0 ★
1 per Deck
Rare Card
"We have a guest to treat!" —Chris

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Sky Restaurant 'Pures', is one of the most unusual healing cards in the the game, in that it is as powerful as  Pudding but carries a secondary effect as deadly as  For the Future of the Toy Store: taking half the player's stars. It is also one of two trap cards that heals, alongside  Brutal Prank.

Similar to  Brutal Prank, the card's main power lies in that the cost of the health received is essentially neutralized by the high price of receiving it. Given the late Norma level needed to activate the card, it generally will be used toward the end of the game, which can easily have a devastating affect on an opponent near victory. As a result, the card is generally best put to use if placed on an opponent's home. More advantageously, there also very few cards that can directly counter the affect of the trap, resulting in the trap having a high success rate. The card can also be used for the player to heal themselves as well if placed on the player's own  Home panel, however, this tactic is only generally viable with Star Breaker or if the player is only focusing on Wins Norma.

While the card is very powerful, it does possess some weaknesses. The card's main fault comes with its high Norma level, meaning that it cannot be played until much later, when it may be too late to recover the match (this can be remedied with  Price of Power however). There also are methods to counter the card, though few. For total destruction  Star-Blasting Light can be used to destroy the card itself, however the card is extremely difficulty to use as a result of Norma and Star requirements. Another tactic would be using  Stiff Crystal or  Crystal Barrier to directly counter the card. However, the best tactic, generally is to indirectly counter the card by using  We Are Waruda to move the card to another panel.