Sealed Memories

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Trap Card
Sealed Memories.png
For 3 turns, target sees all cards face down, and other players can see their cards.
Level 1 ☆
Cost 0 ★
Limit 3 per Deck
Illustrator Hono
Uncommon Card
Mixed Pack
"Order within the world...? What the heck does pudding have to do with that!?" —QP

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This can be effective card to hinder your opponent from using their cards, or simply to warn what cards he may have in possession. You can do a great combo with this and either Mimic (For copying the hyper an opponent has) or Gift Exchange (For possibly gaining the good cards an opponent has, and mess up their hand so they have NO idea what they possibly have in hand).

Recommended with Sweet Breaker since it will temporarily give her a combat boost against the target.