Scary Solicitation

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Event Card
Scary Solicitation.png
All players except the one who played this card must draw cards, paying 15 stars per card, up to their card maximum.
Level 3 ☆
Cost 30 ★
Limit 1 per Deck
Illustrator Hono
Uncommon Card
Mixed Pack
"You'll buy it, of course. You'll buy it, won't you?" —Salesman

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This card works the exactly opposite with Present for You, as it took opponents' stars instead of granting user stars.

However, its 30 stars costs pretty much makes it useless, since the user will very likely lose more stars than the opponents, without gaining anything. Even combat type characters cannot gain much advantage since the cards gained by the opponents can be used to defend themselves, and defeating opponents usually cost them more stars.

Due to the card's nature, it hurts Aru the most, as it greatly diminish benefits from Present for You, as well as taking more stars from her due to her extra card slot.