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Tomato & Mimyuu

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Santa's Workshop is a playable field in 100% Orange Juice!

It is featured in the campaigns during Crossed Christmases Final Episode.

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Unlock Info:
  • The board can be purchased in the shop for 30000Stars Icon.png (21000Stars Icon.png with 30% off) after reaching level 44.
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Panel Type # of Panels
 Home 4
 Bonus 8
 Draw 8
 Drop 4
 Encounter 8
 Ice 12
 Warp Move 4
Field Events
Every 5 Chapters, all Units recover 1 HP at the beginning of the Chapter.
Every 5 Chapters, all PBonus.png Bonus, PDrop.png Drop, PDraw.png Draw, PEncounter.png Encounter, PMove.png Move, PWarp Move.png Warp Move, and PHeal.png Heal panels will become Doublepanel.gif Double panels accordingly. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
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Strategy[edit | edit source]

Character Synergy[edit | edit source]