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Mechanics & General Info
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If any player's health drops to 0 for any reason including: combat, a card effect, etc, they will become KO'd and will begin Recovery on their next turn. While KO'd, the player cannot: move, use a card, enter combat, or be affected by most field events, however they will still have to discard cards if their hand is too large after reviving. If the player is KO'd by an opponent in combat, they will lose half their stars to the opponent. It should be noted however that some characters such as Mimyuu and Chicken have passive abilities that reduce the amount of stars that are lost, and some card effects may prevent the player from losing any stars.
Recovery Roll
  • Each chapter the player will try to revive their unit by rolling a "recovery roll".
  • The player must roll the value listed on the REC stat of their unit card or higher.
  • Each chapter the player fails, the revive roll will decrease by one. So for example, if the REC value is 5 and the player fails the first chapter, the next turn they will need to roll a 4 or higher.
  • If the player succeeds, they will be revived will full health. (Unless stated otherwise by a card effect)
  • If the player fails to recover on recovery roll 2, they will automatically recover on the next turn. (This is also an achievement, Some People Have All the Luck!)
Recovery Roll
Recovery is a critical stat, as it enables a player to return to the game more quickly after being KO'd. Thus, the higher a character's recovery stat, the more difficult it will be for the player to recover. Characters with a recovery stat of 6 will be at a large disadvantage when compared to a character with a recovery stat of 4, as the odds of the player recovering in a single turn are much lower. Most characters have a recovery stat of 5, though some have a recovery stat of 4 or 6. A character with a recovery stat of 6 may take around 3 turns to revive as opposed recovery stat 4 characters who may recover in a single turn. Often the recovery stat is a trade off: characters with higher overall stats have a high recovery stat, and character with low HP or particular passive abilities have recovery stats of 4 and below to compensate for their higher chance of being KO'd.
Recovery Odds Expected Turns Performace
Rec6.png 16.7% 2.77 Below Average
Rec5.png 33.3% 2.13 Average
Rec4.png 50% 1.69 Above Average
Rec3.png 66.7% 1.39 Far Above average
Rec1.png 100% 1 Instant
Rec0.png 100% 1 Instant (NPC and Shifu Robot only)
Cards Effects
The process of recovery is always the same, however, some cards can change the rate at which a player recovers from their KO'd state. Often these cards enable the player to rise instantly and some can reduce the player's recovery stat if they are KO'd. These cards include:
  •  Extend: Recover instantly on next turn after being KO.
  •  Forced Revival: Recover instantly with 1 health.
  •  Hyper Mode: Recover instantly on next turn if KO'd in the battle this card was used.
  •  Magical Massacre: Reduce Recovery stat on next KO.