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QP (unit).png
Base Stats
Basic Info
Voice Actor
For the alternate version see: QP (Dangerous).

QP (きゅーぴー Kyūpī) is one of the four starting characters in 100% Orange Juice!, that the player can select without paying any Stars Icon.pngStars. She originates from the game QP Shooting in which she was the main character.


A carefree dog girl with a deep love of pudding, QP is a jack of all trades character with perfectly neutral stats across the board. QP features an average health and evasion stat value of 5 and no additional modifiers to her attack or defense stats or any passive ability. As a result, QP has no specific niche to serve; she is neither an offensive nor defensive character and has no apparent strength or weakness besides being totally average. This gives QP multiple advantages in that her health is high enough to support combat with most opponents and  Encounter panels. She can also protect her stars from opponents without worrying about having to rely on either her defense or evasion stat, like most characters which favor one or the other. Further, since QP does not favor any particular playstyle, she can benefit from virtually any card as she does not have an exploitable weakness. The player is free to use any card they find and use it to their advantage if they can. QP can take advantage of almost any battle card to help her fighting potential including both  Rbits and Rainbow-Colored Circle and is one of the few characters with full immunity to  Reverse Attribute Field. Last, QP also benefits from one of the most unusual hypers in the game, that grants her three abilities that enable her both to fight, protect herself, and get back to the game.

QP's greatest strength of being average is also her greatest weakness, however, like most jack of all trades, she is a master of none. Without any stat modifier, the player's luck is completely random, with no "expected" performance. As such, the player cannot rely on any of her stats to perform in a certain way; no additional attack points and no additional defensive or evasion abilities like Suguri or Fernet for example. The player may go down quick or be very difficult to KO based on their unmodified dice rolls. Consequently, it may be best for QP to be played passively until either a battle card or her hyper card is drawn. It is also advisable that QP should stay away from  Boss panels until she has either, as well, as the possibility of a 7 attack roll against her has the possibility of finishing her in one attack.


Like most characters in the cast, QP should generally aim for star norma and play passively unless either provoked or the opportunity to KO an opponent presents itself. The player will want to focus mainly on  Bonus panels and ensure they have at least 1 copy of QP's hyper for the late game if they can, especially to handle the Boss encounters. The player should only really pursue  Encounter panels if they have battle cards or a decent amount of HP. Overall the player will need to rely solely on their wits, to be victorious.


+Balanced stats
+Powerful and diverse Hyper
+Immune to  Reverse Attribute Field
-No combat dice modifiers
-Card reliant for KOs

Hyper Mode
Hyper Mode.png
This unit gains +2 ATK during this battle. If your unit suffers KO during this battle, you give no stars or Wins and the unit will revive next turn.
Hyper Info
10 ★

QP's hyper is Hyper Mode When activated in a battle, the unit who played the card gains +2 attack. If the unit that played the card is KO'ed during the battle, the opponent will not be awarded any wins or stars and the unity will revive automatically on the next turn.


Hyper Mode is a very versatile hyper card, with a low-level requirement and extremely cheap activation price. The card provides the player with 3 benefits in total during the battle, which gives the user a broad range of options for any given circumstance. In the most general case, if the player has no other battle card and needs to quickly KO a low HP opponent, the +2 attack stat bonus can be extremely beneficial in increasing the players. Additionally, the player can pair the effect with an event card such as  Little War or  Super All-Out Mode before the battle starts to boost their odds of victory even further. On the opposite side of the coin, if the player is low on HP and is being assaulted by either another player or a  Boss, the card can be used like  Self-Destruct to prevent the player from losing stars and also ensures the opponent gains no stars or wins from the KO. This defensive use of the card is more common, as it is generally advisable not to use Hyper Mode in any instance where QP is able to normally survive combat. Either way, the card enables the player to take huge risks and escape a battle without any penalties, and given the low price, the player can use the hyper all throughout the course of the match, assuming they are lucky enough to draw multiple copies.

Diverse as it is, Hyper Mode isn't without weaknesses. The main problem the card suffers from is that, as advised above, it is not very good for attacking purposes since the secondary effect is more valuable. Although the card grants an attack buff, it does not guarantee positive result like Sora's   Extraordinary Specs as the player may still roll a 1, yielding a disappointing 3 attack. Thus the player will likely need to take measures to increase their odds of victory, such as boost their stats with an event card or lower their opponent's HP first. The player may also fail to self-KO (if that was their intention) if they roll too high on their defensive or evasive roll. This can be countered by using the hyper at 1 HP but, as to be expected, every additional point of HP the player has will increase the odds of failure.


Playing As QP
  •  Passionate Research and  Nice Present are essential to QP, regardless of the strategy chosen, as the two cards greatly increase her chances of drawing  Hyper Mode, her greatest strength.
  •  Reverse Attribute Field can be used effectively with QP. As she herself is immune to the card, it can be used to great effect to weaken opponent such as Boss characters.
  • Due to the diversity of QP, all other cards should be based upon the chosen style of play.
Playing Against QP
  • As most of QP's strength is derived from her versatile hyper, the cards most effective against QP are cards that cause her to discard cards. Cards such as  Flamethrower and  Scrambled Eve can leave QP vulnerable to attacks and star loss, without the ability to fight back effectively.
  • As a result of her versatility, the only true strategy against QP is to play against whichever style the opponent has chosen to use.

Recommended Cards

Recommended Standard Neutral

 Nice Present
 Princess's Privilege
 Lonely Chariot
 Passionate Research
 Little War

 Nice Jingle
 Stiff Crystal
 I'm on Fire!
 Big Magnum
 Final Battle
 Mimyuu's Hammer
 Dangerous Pudding
 Piggy Bank
 Go Away
 Heat 300%
 Sky Restaurant 'Pures'
 Here and There
 We Are Waruda
 Super All-Out Mode
 Oh My Friend
 Scary Solicitation
 Completion Reward
 Gentleman's Battle
 Accel Hyper
 Quick Restoration
 Play of the Gods
 Windy Enchantment

 Saki's Cookie
 Flip Out
 Long-Distance Shot
 President's Privilege
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Tactical Retreat
 For the Future of the Toy Store
 Cloud of Seagulls
 Holy Night
 Forced Revival
 Sealed Guardian
 Mix Phenomenon
 Star-Blasting Light
 Unlucky Charm

Counter Cards

Recommended Standard

 Tragedy in the Dead of Night
 Out of Ammo
 Gift Exchange
 Scrambled Eve

 Shield Counter
 Bad Pudding
 Piyopiyo Procession
 Sealed Memories
 Brutal Prank
 Present Thief

Female Symbol.png
QP (unit).png
Stat Change (Unlisted)
5 (Unchanged)
Role Ranks
Summer2018 role0.png Attacker
Summer2018 role1.png Guardian
Summer2018 role2.png Support
Summer2018 role3.png Avenger

In Co-op mode, QP doesn't change at all, as her recovery stat does not rise nor does her hyper price or effect altered.

Role Information


As a result of her hyper, QP can be a half-decent attacker, as at max level the player will be able to have a +4 stat when using her hyper. Her HP pool should enable the player to last quite a few combats as well, before her likely KO as a consequence of her neutral defense and evasion stat. Overall she does not stand out as an attacker but can still be reasonably viable as one.


Similar to the attacker role, QP can be a competent guardian, thanks to her health pool and hyper. Her above average health will enable her to cast a good number of shields for her allies before KO. She can also use her hyper to both self-KO and deal some damage in the process and then be ready to start shielding allies immediately after KO. The player will also receive an additional defensive boost by using the role and thus increase QP's survivability.


Supporter is not a great matchup for QP, as she doesn't have any heavily increased stats on her own to keep her alive, and she will not receive any attack or defense buff as a supporter. While the role does provide a +1 evasion boost, it will not increase the player's survivability much during the late game, and the player will suffer from QP's lack of damage output.


Avenger can be viable for QP thanks to her already high HP pool, but the role is not well-supported by her neutral defense stat. The role also works relatively well with her hyper. If she is KO'd before her turn to attack, she will revive on the next turn, and if she isn't KO'd, the player will have an even higher bonus toward her attack stat to deal damage.

Starting Cards

When the player begins a new game and selects their starting main character, they will receive the cards necessary to create a deck. If a players chooses QP as their starting character, they will begin the game with the provided 15 cards along with QP's unit card and hyper card. In concurrence with QP's stats, QP's starting deck does not appear to be designed with a particular playstyle in mind and instead gives the player a well rounded deck for any scenario.

Provided Cards


1 Icon.pngDefault
0 10000 00.png
Qp 00 00.png
2 Icon.pngAttack
0 10000 00.png
Qp 00 01.png
3 Icon.pngDamage
0 10000 00.png
Qp 00 02.png
4 Icon.pngSuccess
0 10000 00.png
Qp 00 03.png
5 Icon.pngFailure
0 10000 00.png
Qp 00 04.png
6 Icon.pngDice Throw
0 10000 00.png
Qp 00 05.png
7 Icon.pngDefault
0 10000 00.png
not found
8 Icon.pngAttack
0 10000 00.png
not found
9 Icon.pngDamage
0 10000 00.png
not found
10 Icon.pngSuccess
0 10000 00.png
not found
11 Icon.pngFailure
0 10000 00.png
not found
12 Icon.pngDice Throw
0 10000 00.png
not found


Red Icon.pngRed
0 10000 00.png
Qp 01 00.png
Blue Icon.pngBlue
0 10000 00.png
Qp 02 00.png
Green Icon.pngGreen
0 10000 00.png
Qp 03 00.png
Yellow Icon.pngYellow
0 10000 00.png
Qp 04 00.png
Pink Icon.pngPink
0 10000 00.png
Qp 05 00.png
Purple Icon.pngPurple
0 10000 00.png
Qp 06 00.png
Teal Icon.pngTeal
0 10000 00.png
Qp 07 00.png
Black Icon.pngBlack
0 10000 00.png
Qp 08 00.png
Rad Poppo Icon.pngRad Poppo
0 10000 00.png
not found
Halloween Color Icon.pngHalloween
0 10000 00.png
Qp 10 00.png
Silver Icon.pngWhite
0 10000 00.png
Qp 11 00.png
Red and Blue Icon.pngRed & Blue
0 10000 00.png
Qp 12 00.png
Dapper Poppo Icon.pngDapper
0 10000 00.png
not found
Cyborg Poppo Icon.pngCyborg
0 10000 00.png
not found
Christmas Color Icon.pngChristmas
0 10000 00.png
Qp 15 00.png
Tuxedo Poppo Icon.pngTuxedo
0 10000 00.png
not found
Chocolate Color Icon.pngChoco
0 10000 00.png
not found
School Color Icon.pngSchool
0 10000 00.png
not found


1 Icon.png Hair 1
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3000 00.png
2 Icon.png Hair 2
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3001 00.png
3 Icon.png Hair 3
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3002 00.png
4 Icon.png Hair 4
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3003 00.png
5 Icon.png Hair 5
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3004 00.png
6 Icon.png Hair 6
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3005 00.png
7 Icon.png Hair 7
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3006 00.png
8 Icon.png Hair 8
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3007 00.png
9 Icon.png Hair 9
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3008 00.png
10 Icon.png Hair 10
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3009 00.png
11 Icon.png Hair 11
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3010 00.png
12 Icon.png Hair 12
Qp 00 00.png
Qp 3011 00.png


Voice Lines[edit source]

When English Kanji Romanji
Rolling ▶️ I'm rolling the dice! いっきいますよー! ikkiimasu yo-!
▶️ There! えーい! e- i !
▶️ Go! とりゃー! torya - !
▶️ Gimme a good roll! お願いしまーす! onegai shima - su !
Using a Card ▶️ This is it! これです!! kore desu!!
▶️ I'll show you! やってやりますよ! yatteyarimasu yo!
▶️ I'm using a card! カードです! ka-do desu!
▶️ Alright, here I go with this. さーて、いきますよ! sa - te, ikimasu yo!
Placing a Trap ▶️ He he he, I'll set a trap here. ふっふっふっ、罠を張っちゃいました fu fu fu, wana o ha chaimashita
▶️ He he ha, it's a trap. うひひ、トラップですよー u hihi, torappu desu yo-
▶️ Who will fall for it? 誰か引っかかるかなぁ dare ka hikkakaru ka naxa
▶️ *Sneak, sneak*... こそこそ… kosokoso…
Using a Battle Card ▶️ I'm using this one! この子を使いますからね! kono ko o tsukaimasu kara ne!
▶️ I'll win the battle with this! 勝ちにいきますよ! kachi ni ikimasu yo!
▶️ A battle card! バトルカード!! batoru ka-do !!
▶️ This battle is mine! このバトル、もらいました! kono batoru, moraimashita !
Hyper Activation ▶️ Hyper Mode is on! ハイパーモードです!! haipa-mo-do desu! !
Reviving ▶️ I've been revived! 復活です! fukkatsu desu!
▶️ I'm all okay again! 元気になりました! genki ni narimashita !
▶️ It's time for revenge. リベンジ開始ですよ! ribenji kaishi desu yo!
▶️ I'm not giving up just yet. まだ諦めませんからね! mada akiramemasen kara ne!
Revive Failed ▶️ Uuugh, it was no good. むむむ…ダメでしたぁ… mumumu dame deshita xa!
▶️ Oh no... そんなぁ… son naxa…
▶️ Heeeh, no reviving this time... ひぃ…復活失敗です… hi xi fukkatsu shippai desu…
▶️ Uuuaaaaa... うぅー… uxu ...
(Attack) ▶️ I'm attacking! アタックです! atakku desu!
▶️ There! とりゃー! torya - !
▶️ Attack! あたっく! atakku !
▶️ Take this! うおりゃー! u orya - !
Field Damage ▶️ Ouch... 痛っ! ita !
▶️ That hurts! いたいですっ itai de su
▶️ Kewww! きゃいんっ ki in
▶️ Uuuugh. あわわっ Awa wa
Healing ▶️ That hits the spot... 癒やされますぅ… ya saremasu xu
▶️ Pheeeew... ほわぁ… ho waxa
▶️ I'm feeling better. 元気がでますねぇ genki ga demasu nexe
▶️ I think I can go on. まだまだ頑張れそうです madamada ganbaresō desu
Warping ▶️ Wh-where am I going? ど、どこへ行くんでしょうっ do, doko e iku n desho u
▶️ I'm getting blown away... 飛ばされるぅ~ tobasareru xu
▶️ No no no no noooo! わわわわわー! wa wa wa wa wa - !
▶️ I'm feeling dizzy! 目が回るー! me ga mawaru - !
KO'd by Field ▶️ Waaaaaaaan... うわーん!! uwa - n !!
▶️ Kewww... きゅー ki -
▶️ I'm down... もう…ダメです… mō dame desu
▶️ Waaaaww... あぅー a xu -
Battle Begins (Attacker) ▶️ I'll get you! やっちゃいますよ! ya chaimasu yo!
▶️ Battle me! バトルです! batoru desu!
▶️ You're wide open! スキ有り! Suki ari !
▶️ Fight me. 戦います tatakaimasu
Battle Begins (Defender) ▶️ It's on! 勝負です! shōbu desu!
▶️ Bring it on! かかってこいです! kakatte koi desu!
▶️ Whoa, are we gonna fight? わわ!バトルですか!? wa wa! batoru desu ka !?
▶️ I'm not losing to you! 負けませんよー! makemasen yo-!
Attacking ▶️ Take thiiiis! しゅばば! shi baba !
▶️ Like this! おりゃー! orya - !
▶️ QP attack! きゅーぴーあたっく! ki - pi - atakku !
▶️ Eeeeey! ええーい! e e- i !
Light Damage ▶️ Oww. ひぃっ! hi xi !
▶️ Ugh. きゃんっ ki n
▶️ That hurts! いたいっ ita i
▶️ Stop it! やめてぇっ yamete xe
Heavy Damage ▶️ Aaaargh ぎゃああ!! gyā a !!
▶️ Boohoo... ぶへぇ! bu hexe!
▶️ That hurts so much! いったーい!! itta - i !!
▶️ Geh! げふぅ…っ ge fu xu
Evading ▶️ Hey, watch it! あ、危ないですよ! a, abunai desu yo!
▶️ That won't work! あたらないですっ ataranai de su
▶️ Hop. ひょいっと hi itto
▶️ Witness my beautiful dodge! 華麗な身のこなしです! kareina mi no konashi desu!
Winning in Battle ▶️ I won! 私の勝ちですね! watashi no kachi desu ne!
▶️ I won! I won! 勝った勝った! katta katta !
▶️ I did it! やりましたよぉ! yarimashita yo xo !
▶️ E-hem, aren't I great? ふふん、どうですか! fu fun, dō desu ka !
KO'd in Battle/Losing Game ▶️ I-I lost... ま、負けちゃいました… ma, makechaimashita
▶️ Gueeee... ぐぇー gwe -
▶️ Hieeee... ひぇえ… hi xee
▶️ You're terrible... ひどい…です… hidoi desu
Bonus Panel ▶️ I'm taking them all! いただきまーす! itadaki ma - su !
▶️ Jingling stars! じゃらじゃらー jarajara -
▶️ So yummy! おいしいです oishii desu
▶️ I'm so happy! 嬉しいです ureshii desu
Drop Panel ▶️ M-my stars... わ、私のスターがぁ…っ wa, watashi no suta- ga xa
▶️ Gyaaaah! ぎゃあー! gyā - !
▶️ Hieeee... ひえぇ… hie xe
▶️ Aaaaah! ああああー! ā a a- !
Stepping on a Trap ▶️ Huh? A trap? ふぇ!?トラップ!? fu xe!? torappu !?
▶️ W-was that a trap? わ、罠ですか!? wa, wana desu ka !?
▶️ Ugh... I fell for it... ぎゃん!ひっかかっちゃいました… gyan! hikkaka chaimashita
▶️ Uhii... Can't believe I stepped on a trap here... うひぃ!こんなとこに罠なんて!! u hi xi! konna toko ni wana nante !!
Boss Panel ▶️ Th-that guy looks pretty tough... つ、強そうなのが出てきましたよ… tsu, tsuyosō na no ga detekimashita yo
▶️ *Gulp*, that's scary... ごくり…怖いのがいますね… go kuri kowai no ga imasu ne
▶️ Fueee, here comes a strong one... ふえぇ…強敵出現です fue xe kyōteki shutsugen desu
▶️ I'm sensing danger... 危険な予感です! kikenna yokan desu!
Star Norma ▶️ I'll be swimming in stars! スターで懐暖か(あったか)です! suta- de futokoro atataka atta ka desu!
▶️ I'd like to enjoy the jingle of stars. じゃらじゃら感を堪能しましょう! jarajara kan o tannōshimashō!
▶️ I'm gathering stars! 星を集めます! hoshi o atsumemasu!
▶️ Lots of stars, lots of dreams! スターいっぱい夢いっぱいです suta-ippai yumeippai desu
Wins Norma ▶️ I'm going to take them all down! みーんなはっ倒しちゃいますから! mi -n na ha taoshichaimasu kara!
▶️ It's an all-you-can eat battle buffet! がしがしバトっていきますよ! ga shi ga shi bato tte ikimasu yo!
▶️ Whoever gets in my way, watch out! 目についた敵はみんなやっつけましょー! me ni tsuita teki wa minna yattsukemasho - !
▶️ I'll win all the battles, and the game! バトルに勝ってゲームにも勝つ! batoru ni katte ge-mu ni mo katsu!
Selecting a Character ▶️ Looks like I'm needed. Count on me! 私の出番ですね!まかせてください! watashi no deban desu ne! makasete kudasai!
▶️ QP's here! きゅーぴーちゃんでーす ki - pi - chan de - su
▶️ I'm a Pomeranian. Got a problem? ポメラニアンですがなにか pomeranian desu ga nani ka
▶️ I knew you'd choose me! そうですよね、私選んじゃいますよね sō desu yo ne, watashi eran jaimasu yo ne
Starting the Game ▶️ I'm doing my best! さぁ、頑張りましょー! saxa, ganbarimasho - !
▶️ Here I go! いっくぞー! ikku zo - !
▶️ I'm pumped up and ready to go! はりきっていきましょー! harikitteikimasho - !
▶️ I'm hyped! わくわくしますね! wakuwaku shimasu ne!
Winning the Game ▶️ Yes! Victory is mine! やったぁ!私の勝利です! yatta xa! watashi no shōri desu!
▶️ See how good I am now? I won! どやぁ!勝ちました! do yaxa! kachimashita !
▶️ Give me some pudding as a reward! ご褒美に、プリンよろしくです! go hōbi ni, purin yoroshiku desu!
▶️ I won! I won! 勝った勝ったー♪ katta katta -
Item Drop/Crate Drop ▶️ A new thing came in! おにゅーの品が出てきましたよ! o ni - no shina ga detekimashita yo!
▶️ It's a new and shiny thing! 新しいのゲットです! atarashii no getto desu!
▶️ This will make me more powerful! これで戦力強化です! kore de senryoku kyōka desu!
▶️ Hooray, I got a new item! わーい!NEWアテムです! wa-i! New atemu desu!
Whack a Poppo/Track the Card ▶️ Okay. おっけーです! o ke - desu!
▶️ Good. いいですね! ii desu ne!
Whack a Poppo ▶️ Yes. はい! hai!
Whack a Tomomo/Alte ▶️ No. いいえ! iie!
Bad Prize ▶️ How could this... なんいうことでしょう…っ nan iu koto deshō
Star Treasure ▶️ Hooray! いやったー!! i yatta - !!
Neutral Prize ▶️ Seriously? えー? e-?
Battle Prize ▶️ Let's go. れっつごーです! re tsu go - desu!
▶️ Let's see what I'll get. 何が出るかな♪ nani ga deru ka na
▶️ Here I go! いきます! ikimasu!
Greeting (Home Screen/Joining Lobby) ▶️ Hello! こんにちは! konnichiha!
Miss Prize/Track the Card ▶️ What do I do... どうしましょう… dō shimashō
▶️ Nice! いいです! ii desu!
Hyper Treasure/Good Prize ▶️ Wow, that's amazing... はわわわ…すごいぃいい… wa wa wa wa sugoi xiii
Miss Match/Bad Prize (Match 2) ▶️ Oh no... むぁー!!! muxa - !!!
Unique Interaction Lines
Vs. Yuki (any) ▶️ What, Yu-Yuki... ひぇっ、ゆ、ユキさん… hi xe, yu, Yuki san
Vs. Syura ▶️ Syura, aren't you cutting it close with your deadline? しゅらちゃん、締め切り大丈夫なんですか? shi rachan, shimekiri daijōbuna n desu ka ?
Vs. Saki ▶️ I feel like there's something we must fight over... あなたとは因縁を感じます…っ anata to wa innen o kanjimasu
Get more than 10 stars from one bonus panel ▶️ It's a nice jingle. 素敵なジャラジャラ感です… sutekina jarajarakan desu
Vs. Sweet Breaker ▶️ I'll protect Pudding! プリンは私が守ります! purin wa watashi ga mamorimasu!
Vs. Aru (any) ▶️ Sa-Santa?! Are you the real one? さ、サンタさん!ほんものですか!? sa, Santa san! hon mono desu ka !?
Vs. Kyousuke ▶️ I'm a girl, you know! 私は女の子ですから! watashi wa onnanoko desu kara!
Select any Pudding-type card in Deck Builder ▶️ Pudding! プリン! purin !

References[edit source]

  • Credit to user Fly for finding the triggers for the events. Special thanks to user Kida and WindowsGuyJim.


Update History

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.26.2 (Hotfix 2)

  • Fixed player not being able to proceed in multiplayer deck screen if selected character is QP, Suguri, Marc or Kai, and player hasn't unlocked them in singleplayer.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.22.1

  • Improved details for QP's new Halloween costume.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.21

  • Improved graphics on QP's first 4 hair colors.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.19

  • Character voice added with DLC 12.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.17.2

  • Clarified  Hyper Mode description: Your unit gains +2 Attack during this battle. If your unit suffers KO during this battle, you give no stars or Wins and the unit will revive next turn.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.13

  • Various achievements involving defeating other players in battle now also work even when the defeated player has  Hyper Mode active.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.11

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.6.5

  • Fixed a problem where QP's  Hyper Mode stayed active after battle.


  1. QP Shooting
  2. 2.0 2.1 QP Shooting - Dangerous!!

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