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Boost Card
Fully restore HP.
Level 4 ☆
Cost 0 ★
Limit 3 per Deck
Illustrator Tamaki Seo
Rare Card
Basic Pack
"Hooray!" —QP

Strategy[edit | edit source]

As a healing card, Pudding provides the greatest benefit to defensive and high health characters. Characters such as Marie Poppo, Fernet, Krila, Kyoko, or Shifu Robot, will benefit the most from Pudding, unlike low health characters such as Nanako or Peat. The card can be useful for Win Norma based characters as well, however, as it can keep a character in constant combat alive.

Pudding can be used opportunistically as well. For instance, Syura, can use this card to heal herself after using up her Hyper card. Characters such as Tomomo can also take advantage of Pudding as well, since she suffers the most when being KO'd as a result of her high recovery roll. Tomomo's Hyper can also be used to take advantage of Pudding when an opponent uses it, virtually rendering the card wasted.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • QP (Dangerous) has a special card effect that gives her a +1 boost to her evade stat when this card is in the players hand.
  • Kiriko will receive no healing if she plays this card, effectively making it useless.