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Poses are optional cosmetic items for the player's avatar. With these cosmetics, the player can change the appearance of their character avatar that displays on the game's main menu and in the lobby of online matches.

Poses are for the avatar only and have no effect on how the player looks during the match, even if adjusted immediately before the match begins. Poses are all of the positions the unit makes during the course of the game which includes the default standing animation, attack animation, damage animation, victory animation, KO animation, and dice roll animation. Some characters with multiple forms have double the amount of poses as other characters. In contrast, dual characters share their pose unlocks, for example, unlocking a pose for Mimyuu also unlocks it for Tomato. Characters with costumes will also have the poses the player has previously unlocked available for use. Poses can only be unlocked by obtaining them randomly from the Regular Crate.

Poses are represented in the cosmetics menu with the PosesIcon.png icon.

Number of Poses

Characters Number of Poses
All other characters 1 Icon.png2 Icon.png3 Icon.png4 Icon.png5 Icon.png6 Icon.png
1 Icon.png2 Icon.png3 Icon.png4 Icon.png5 Icon.png6 Icon.png7 Icon.png8 Icon.png9 Icon.png10 Icon.png11 Icon.png12 Icon.png