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Playground Minigames

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Minigame Panel.png

The Playground! field event is a unique field event that sets several  Minigame panels across the board once every 5 turns, and landing upon one triggers a minigame for the player to play. The panels can appear on any panel with exception of  Home panels and when active negate the effect of the panel they are on top of. Thus if a player lands on an  Encounter panel with a minigame panel over it, no encounter with a NPC will occur. There are a total of 4 possible minigames triggered by this panel and each game uses special cards that grant the player an effect or reward upon completion, as seen below.

Minigame Effects[edit | edit source]

Spring2018 cardshuffle card01.png
HP +2
Spring2018 cardshuffle card02.png
Discard 1 card
Spring2018 cardshuffle card03.png
Gain Stars
Spring2018 cardshuffle card04.png
Poppo Stop
Spring2018 cardshuffle card05.png
Poppo Reverse
Spring2018 cardshuffle card06.png
1 Win
Spring2018 cardshuffle card09.png
Set a Bomb
Spring2018 cardshuffle card10.png
Random Warp
Spring2018 cardshuffle card11.png
Take 2 damage
Spring2018 cardshuffle card12.png
Random Hyper
Spring2018 cardshuffle card13.png
Poppo Dice
Spring2018 cardshuffle card14.png
Frost Walk
  • Frost Walk: Turns panels the player walks over including the panel they stop on into  Ice panels.
  • Poppo Dice: You roll two dice for all your actions (similar to  Accelerator).
  • Poppo Stop: Miss next turn (same effect as  Dangerous Pudding).
  • Poppo Reverse: Walk backwards (same as BacktrackBacktrack
    Every 8 Chapters, all players move in the reverse direction. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
    field event)
  • Set a Bomb: Same type of bomb as those in the BomberBomber
    Every 2 Chapters, place a visible bomb on a random panel. The bomb will explode within 1 to 4 Chapters, and units within 2 panels in a cross-shaped area of the bomb panel will take damage.
    field event.

Match 2[edit | edit source]

Spring2018 tutorial 01.png

Match 2 is a relatively straight forward minigame. When the player enters the minigame, they will be presented with 8-12 facedown cards. The player begins by rolling a single dice. The player will be shown the amount of cards rolled. So if the player rolls a six, they will be shown 6 cards, likewise if they roll 1, they will only be shown one of the cards. The player then has 3 attempts to match all the pairs. If the player successfully turns over a pair of matching cards, they will be able to continue turing over more pairs. If the player fails, the most recent pair of mismatched cards will flip back over, and 1 attempt will be used up. If the player succeeds, they will receive the effect of the last pair they matched. If the player fails after 3 attempts, they will receive a random card effect, which can either work for or against the player depending on the cards available.

Track the Card[edit | edit source]

Spring2018 tutorial 02.png

Track the Card is a classic card minigame similar to Match 2. When the player enters the minigame, they will be presented with 4-6 cards. The cards are shown face up for roughly 2 seconds and then flipped face down. The cards then scramble at a steadily increasing speed for around 6 seconds. The player will then need to pick a single card from the resorted cards, and they will receive the effect of whichever card they draw. The player's performance in this game is purely based on skill of the player's eyes, as the last second of the game is the most difficult to keep track of. No matter the amount of cards, the game is challenging, as more cards results in more distractions from the player's card, and less cards results in the cards moving more since there are less of them.

Spin the Wheel[edit | edit source]

Spring2018 tutorial 03.png

Spin the Wheel is another minigame that plays exactly like it sounds. When the player enters the minigame, they will be presented with a wheel that features 4-8 card effects listed on it. The player will have 10 seconds total to stop the wheel or the game will automatically stop it. The effect under the leaf when the wheel stops will be the one the player receives. Wheels come in 3 different speeds that determine when the player's click will register relative to the pointer leaf at the top of the wheel. The player should try to recognize the speed in the first 5 seconds of spinning and then use the proper action based on it (The rules apply for all wheel sizes)

  • Slow speed: Click when the desired item is below the top pointer.
  • Moderate speed: Click when the desired item is 90 degrees to the left of the center.
  • Fast speed: Click when the desired item is at the bottom of the wheel.
How to read the wheel

Whack a Poppo[edit | edit source]

Spring2018 tutorial 04.png

Whack a Poppo is based off of "whack-a-mole" where the player must use Mimyuu's mallet on Marie Poppos dressed in the Rad Poppo Icon.pngRad Poppo color pack while avoiding Altes and Tomomos. Each Poppo is worth 100 points. If the player strikes an Alte, they will lose half of their points and if a player strikes a Tomomo, they will lose 1/4 of their total points. The higher the player scores, the more likely they are to receive a better effect, however, they may still receive a bad effect.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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