Passionate Research

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Boost Card
Passionate Research.png
Look at the first 3 cards of the deck.
If there are any hyper cards, take them.
Return the rest of the cards to the deck in the same order.
Level 2 ☆
Cost 5 ★
Limit 1 per Deck
Illustrator Junpyon
Uncommon Card
Mixed Pack
"Well, this sort of thing happens all the time. It was quite fun, anyway!" —Scholar

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A strong card for Hyper reliant character or those who has string Hyper cards, putting this card in the deck essentially grants player more chance to draw out Hyper card.

Player may want to keep this card in their deck rather than using it immediately until they want to use the Hyper card, this serve as a deterrent against opponents who want to use Gift Exchange or Tragedy in the Dead of Night to rob your Hyper cards, since using this card will only grant them their own Hyper card. Be aware that using this card announces to other players that you may have received a Hyper card, which makes you a target for Gift Exchange, Tragedy in the Dead of Night, or Mimic.

Be careful that you do not use this when someone else has just used it, as you will likely not gain anything out of it. Wait until someone has drawn those three cards, or a Charity event to take place first.

If someone has used Scrambled Eve, you may be able to take someone else's hyper out of the deck.

If a Mimyuu has used her hyper (Evil Spy Work - Preparation), you should wait on using this card until all Evil Spy Work - Executions are out of the deck or risk drawing them into your hand.