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Night Flight is a playable field in 100% Orange Juice!

It is featured in the campaigns during Sweet Breaker Episode 4.

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Unlock Info:
  • The board can be purchased in the shop for 20000Stars Icon.png (14000Stars Icon.png with 30% off).
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Panel Type # of Panels
 Home 4
 Bonus 9
 Draw 7
 Drop 4
 Encounter 8
 Move 4
 Warp 2
Field Events
Every 5 Chapters, all Units recover 1 HP at the beginning of the Chapter.
Every 7 Chapters, all player's cards and rearranged and put face-down, making the cards unreadable to both the owner and other players.
Flying Castle

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Character Synergy[edit | edit source]