Mixed Booster Pack

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Mixed Booster Pack
Mixed Booster Pack.png
Pack Information
  Symbol   Pack3icon.png
  Pack Price   280★
  30% Off   196★
DLC Information
  DLC   3
  DLC Price   $1.99

Mixed Booster Pack is the third card pack available in 100% Orange Juice. The pack is the third DLC in the game and was the first DLC card pack released for the game. It was released March 9, 2015. The Mixed Booster Pack is the third most expensive pack out of all the packs in the game. The mixed booster set itself contains the second smallest amount of cards ahead of the Community Pack with 11 collectible cards: 3 rares, 4 uncommons, and 4 commons. In total the pack adds, 2 battle cards, 5 boost cards, 2 event cards, and 2 trap cards. The cards feature designs by Junpyon and Hono and the pack adds 7 new achievements to the game.


Cards[edit | edit source]

Shield Counter.pngShield Counter.png  Tactical Retreat.pngTactical Retreat.png            
Mimic.pngMimic.png  Passionate Research.pngPassionate Research.png  Ambush.pngAmbush.png  Lonely Chariot.pngLonely Chariot.png  President's Privilege.pngPresident's Privilege.png  
Mix Phenomenon.pngMix Phenomenon.png  Scary Solicitation.pngScary Solicitation.png            
Piyopiyo Procession.pngPiyopiyo Procession.png  Sealed Memories.pngSealed Memories.png