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Boost Card
Choose a player. All hyper cards in your hand become the type that that player uses.
3 ☆
5 ★
3 per Deck
Rare Card
Marie Poppo is trying to become something else.

Mimic is a 3-star boost card that enables the player to get another player's hyper card. When activated, the player can choose any opponent. All hyper cards currently in the player's hand will become the same as the opponent's hyper card.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Mimic is an excellent card mainly taken advantage of by characters with less powerful or extremely situational hypers.

This card works best when your own Hyper card is either weak, not usable until high levels, or simply not fitting the situation. Having Passionate Research greatly increases your chances of using this card, as it helps to get a hyper card into your hand quicker.

This card is best to used by characters like Fernet or Tomomo, whose Hyper cards are arguably weak or situational. Certain Hyper cards can actually become stronger when acquired by another character, such as Beyond Hell or Ubiquitous.

With the right opponent to copy, Mimic can be catastrophic in the right hands. For instance, Fernet can use the card to copy Natsumi's  Cooking Time or   Crystal Barrier to become more or less indestructible; Tsih can use the card to copy Tomomo (Casual)'s  Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream for massive attack power with her passive; and Kyoko can copy Kyousuke's  Cast Off and become a deadly +3 ATK character.

The two key weaknesses to Mimic are the requirement to already have a hyper card in hand and that it is based on the characters chosen by the opponents. If the player draws Mimic and unfortunately cannot manage to draw a hyper card from the deck, the card is completely useless. It can still be played, to quickly remove it from the player's hand, but no effect will occur if the player has no hyper card. The player will also likely want to get at least 2 hyper cards from Mimic, and thus will use their entire hand when the card is activated, which can result in the player discarding useful cards earlier in the game. The character reliance is perhaps the most fickle problem for Mimic, however. Some hyper cards are not very effective and others only really benefit certain characters. If for instance the player is using a character like Fernet and is up against characters with hypers such as   Sweet Guardian,  Blazing!, and  Melting Memories, the player will have little point to using the card, since those hypers are only really effective for the original character that uses them. Consequently, if the character is using a character with an arguably strong hyper such as Poppo or Marc, the player should not bring Mimic as it will more than likely benefit the opponents more than the player.

Extra Notes[edit | edit source]