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White ChristsmasherTrue White Christsmasher
White Christsmasher
White Christsmasher.png
Deal 2 damage to players on the same panel as you.
For each player KO'd, gain a win and KO'd Player's Lvl x5 stars.
When carrying "Red & Blue", this card becomes "True White Christsmasher".
Hyper Info
10 ★
"White Christsmasher!" ―Mei

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Mei's hyper is White Christsmasher, which deals 2 damage distributively to all players in the same panel as her, and gains the KO'd character's level x5 stars and 1 Win.
Mei also has an unique gift card called Red & Blue, which causes her to gain +1 ATK, DEF and EVD, and once discarded or KO'd, the card will drop from your hand.
Having both previously mentioned cards on your hand at the same time will turn White Christsmasher into True White Christsmasher, which operates similarly to its previous version, but now the attack expands to players 1 panel away from you, and gains double the amount of stars (Player KO'd Level x10)

Strategy[edit | edit source]

White Christsmasher is a situational hyper but can lead to decent rewards. To break even, a player would have to knock down one Level 2 enemy, or two Level 1, making it a very useful card in the late game, were the player to land on the same panel as someone that is low on HP. Another good use can be to knock down any pursuers that Mei has managed to hold off and bring down to 2HP, shaking them off and getting rewards as a bonus.
Red & Blue is a very important card for Mei, since it allows her to boost her base stats by an important amount enabling her as a more combat oriented character. As such, the player holding this card should be very careful of any card dropping effects such as  Flamethrower or  Scrambled Eve. However, these cards are also useful when the player doesn't have this card, to get rid of their current hand and instantly obtaining it. Holding this card will also allow Mei to obtain True White Christsmasher, which is an improved version of her original Hyper card. Thanks to the extra range, this card can be used to take down any risky characters that could bring her down without having the necessity to land on the same panel.