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Raging Madness
Raging Madness.png
Gain +1 Rage Counter. Target another active unit and enter Raging Mode: gain +X ATK and +X EVD where X is the number of your Rage Counters. Raging Mode ends and Rage Counters become 0 upon target's KO. Gain +2 Wins if you KO target in battle, and -50% Stars and Wins if you KO any other unit.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"Gyaoooh!" - Maynie

Effect[edit | edit source]

Maynie's Hyper is Raging Madness. When used, the player will be prompted to target a non-KO'd opponent. Upon doing so, the player will gain one stack of Rage Counter, consume all stacks of Rage Counter, and gain a number of stacks of Raging Mode equal to the amount of consumed Rage Counter stacks. For each stack of Raging Mode, the player gains +1 ATK and +1 EVD. For as long as Raging Mode is in effect, the player will gain -50% Stars and Wins when KO'ing any unit other than the targeted opponent, and will gain +2 Wins when KO'ing the targeted opponent in battle. Raging Mode will end and all stacks of Raging Mode will be consumed once the targeted opponent is KO'd by any effect. Raging Mode will not end or lose stacks through any other effect.

Upon usage of the Hyper, the targeted opponent will experience no immediate effect, simply becoming tied to Raging Mode's specific effects and ending condition. After selecting a target, there will be no indication to any player regarding which opponent was targeted.

The player can still gain one stack of Rage Counter while in Raging Mode by using the hyper again. The stack gained from using it a second time will be added to Maynie's current Rage Mode stacks. The target selected by the first Hyper will be overwritten by the target selected by the second usage of the Hyper, changing Raging Mode's effects and ending condition accordingly.

Upon usage of Raging Madness, the game's music will be replaced by Maynie 2. If the player is Maynie, her sprite will be changed to use the 2 pose (Attack) in place of her 1 pose (Default), 4 pose (Success), and 6 pose (Dice Throw) for the duration of Raging Mode.

Strategy[edit | edit source]