Marc Episode 5

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Marc Episode 5
Board Warfare Warfare
Field Events
Air RaidAir Raid
Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
Campaign Episode
Marc Episode 4
Marc Final Episode

Story[edit | edit source]

Marc, Aru, Kai and QP follow Poppo into a stormy world. When they find her again they are surprised to see two Poppo's. Sora appears and welcomes them. She then invites them to play a game with her. The Group agrees, so they can get their stuff back while the Poppo's are distracted.

This campaign's story can be viewed here.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

You play against 2 Marie Poppo's and Sora on the Warfare Map

Script[edit | edit source]

(Beginning of scenario)

  • Marc: Wow... it's pretty dark here.
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo!
  • Marie Poppo 2: Poppopopos!
  • Kai: God, so annoying!
  • Aru: We need to do something before there are more Poppos!
  • Suguri: Yeah.
  • QP: I'm kind of interested to see how many Poppos there will be at the end.
  • Sora: ...
  • Marc: Good heavens...
  • Sora: So much people here...
  • Marie Poppo: Poppopo!
  • Sora: Do you want to play with us?
  • Marie Poppo: Poppopopo!
  • Sora: You want me to join you? I think this is going to be fun...
  • Marie Poppo: Poppopo!
  • Marc: We're not here to play, but...
  • Kai: Anyway, we should get our stuff back while the Poppos are paying little attention to us...
  • Aru: Good idea.
  • Marc: Let's do our best!

(End of scenario)

  • Marc: We did it!
  • Marie Poppo: Poo.
  • Marie Poppo 2: Popoo.
  • Sora: It was fun.
  • Kai: All right! Now's the time!
  • Marie Poppo: Po!?
  • Marie Poppo 2: Popopo!?
  • Aru: Gotcha!
  • QP: We finally got her!
  • Suguri: Hmm, not really.
  • Marc: Eh...!?
  • Kai: No, don't tell me...
  • Marc: There are more Poppos!?
  • Kai: Ugh... Looks like we have to catch that one also.
  • Marie Poppo 3: Poppoppo... Everyone follow Poppo!
  • Marc: Eh?
  • Kai: What now...?