Marc Episode 4

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Marc Episode 4
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Board Pudding Chase Pudding Chase
Field Events
Every 3 Chapters, a Trap Card will be set on a randomly determined panel. These Trap Cards are not affiliated with the Center Deck, and will therefore not return to the Center Deck afterwards. The cards include: Dangerous Puddingicon.png Dangerous Pudding, Bad Puddingicon.png Bad Pudding, and Mimyuu's Hammericon.png Mimyuu's Hammer
Campaign Episode
Marc Episode 3
Marc Episode 5
You must take down Poppo and the stupid dog!
Marie Poppo

Story[edit | edit source]

Marc, Kai, and Aru go searching around for Poppo and eventually find her. However, she is not alone. They encounter QP who pretends to be the mastermind behind Poppo's plan, but is quickly dismissed by the group. Poppo starts playing around with QP and everyone agrees that while Poppo is distracted now is the best time to try and capture her. Then Yuki suddenly arrives much to QP's dismay.

This campaign's story can be viewed here.

Strategy[edit | edit source]


[expand] Script[edit | edit source]

  • Marc: Over here?
  • Suguri: Yes.
  • Kai: Poppo, where are you!?
  • ???: Poppopo!
  • Aru: Poppo... Who's that with her!?
  • QP: O-hohoho!
  • Marc: Who's that?
  • Aru: I don't know.
  • Kai: Who the heck are you!?
  • QP: You have done well to make it this far! However, your fate is to meet your demise here!
  • Marc: Are you the one behind all this?
  • Kai: I guess not... It can't be someone like that.
  • Aru: For a mastermind, she looks too... you know.
  • QP: Hey now!
  • Suguri: So, are you the mastermind or not?
  • QP: I'm not! I just wanted to act like one.
  • Marie Poppo: Playing a mastermind... is so much fun!
  • QP: Oh, great minds think alike! We should do it together!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo!
  • QP: O-hohoho, if you ever wish to save the world...
  • Marie Poppo: You must take down Poppo and the stupid dog!
  • QP: S-stupid... dog...?
  • Marc: This is no time for games.
  • Suguri: But while Poppo is playing a game...
  • Kai: ...we can probably catch her more easily!
  • Aru: That's it!
  • QP: What are you people whispering about? i'm in the limelight now!
  • Marie Poppo: Nah, it's Poppo.
  • Yuki: No, me.
  • QP: Yu... Yu-Yu... Yuki!?
  • Marie Poppo: All right then, whoever wins will be the mastermind.
  • QP: The strongest one rules everything, eh? That's very mastermind-like!
  • Marie Poppo: Let the games begin!

(End of scenario)

  • Marc: I did it!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppopopo.
  • QP: The mastermind is... Marc...
  • Marc: What...? Me?
  • Kai: Wait, we have no time to waste on that doggy girl in the first place.
  • Aru: Thats right. It's time to get Poppo!!
  • Suguri: Sure... Oh?
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo.
  • Marie Poppo 2: Poppopopo.
  • Marc: There are... two of Poppo?
  • Kai: What the heck is this!?
  • Marie Poppo: Poppopoppo!
  • Marie Poppo 2: Poppoppo!
  • Marc: W-we have to catch both of them!
  • Suguri: Let's roll.
  • QP: Uuu, this is going to be fun. Let me accompany you