Marc Episode 2

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Marc Episode 2
Marc Episode 2.png
Board Christmas Miracle Christmas Miracle
Field Events
Every 5 Chapters, all PBonus.png Bonus, PDrop.png Drop, PDraw.png Draw, PEncounter.png Encounter, PMove.png Move, PWarp Move.png Warp Move, and PHeal.png Heal panels will become Doublepanel.gif Double panels accordingly. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
Campaign Episode
Marc Episode 1
Marc Episode 3
Oh no! She took my bag!

Story[edit | edit source]

Marc and Kai continue the chase after Marie Poppo and run into
Aru who is pretending to be Santa. The group is also greeted by
Fernet, a friend of Marc's who was concerned when she couldn't find her. During all this conversation, Poppo charges at Aru and steals her presents. Everyone agrees to help Aru and once again chase down Poppo. Later, the group defeat Poppo and Aru is relieved to hear that her bag of toys is still safe, and Marc demands Poppo returns the stolen items. Poppy refuses and runs away again, making the group give chase and Fernet decides to come along as well.

This campaign's story can be viewed here.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Marc's episode 2 is not particularly challenging. The player is at a bit of a disadvantage as the board is large and features multiple
 Warp panels for bullied characters like Aru and Marie Poppo to escape. Fernet should to be much of a player concern unless she manages to defeat Aru. Like the previous episode, the main risk during the course is that Aru can act as a gravy train for either the player or Poppo. Aru will more than likely amass stars and either be unable to catch, or Marie Poppo will steal Aru's making her the primary target.

If the player is using Marc, they can take 2 different approaches:

  • Focus on KOing Aru to maximize Wins and focus on  Encounter and battles to eventually use
     x16 Big Rocket to complete Wins Norma even if Poppo steals the player's stars.
  • The player can simply star collect and focus on either targeting Poppo to prevent star lossage or come prepared with trap cards to stop Poppo or Aru if they have to many stars.

[expand] Script[edit | edit source]

(Beginning of scenario)

  • Marc: That Poppo... Where did she go?
  • Kai: She's so small... It's pretty hard to spot her.
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo!
  • Marc: I guess that's not quite true...
  • Kai: She's so noisy...
  • Aru: Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!
  • Marc: Look at that girl! She's all red!?
  • Kai: Her whole body is red... Does she have some disease?
  • Aru: It's only my clothes that are red! ...Well, let's put that aside. Tell you what, I've brought presents for you good boys and girls!
  • Marc: Good boys and girls?
  • Kai: We're too old to believe in Santa.
  • Aru: Santa is right in front of you! Believe in me!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo only sees a painfully embarrassing auntie.
  • Aru: A critical combo of harsh words!!
  • ???: Marc!
  • Marc: Eh?
  • Fernet: You were supposed to be at my home by now. Care to explain why you aren't?
  • Marc: Oh yeah!
  • Fernet: Did you forget?
  • Marc: I'm sorry! This and that happened...
  • Fernet: I wasted my time worrying about you...
  • Marc: What was that?
  • Fernet: Nothing!
  • Aru: Hey you two. Fighting is bad. I'll give you two presents.
  • Fernet: Stay out of this.
  • Aru: Okay okay, I can see I need something special for this demanding customer. Oh? Where did my bag of presents go...?
  • Marie Poppo: Presents for Poppo.
  • Marc: Poppo!
  • Aru: Oh no! She took my bag!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppopopo!
  • Kai: Anything goes, does it...
  • Marc: Sure does...
  • Aru: No time to waste! Help me get my bag back!
  • Fernet: Why am i getting dragged into this...?
  • Aru: Don't be so mean. Let's help her.
  • Fernet: Che...
  • Kai: Let's do it!

(End of scenario)

  • Marc: All right!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo lost.
  • Fernet: We managed to do it.
  • Aru: Is my bag of presents safe?
  • Kai: Yeah.
  • Aru: I'm so happy!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo...
  • Marc: Now, Return all the stuff you stole.
  • Marie Poppo: Don't wanna.
  • Kai: No, this is bad!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo's outta here!
  • Aru: Ehh!?
  • Marc: Ah! She rana away again...
  • Kai: Shoot! After her!
  • Aru: I'm going, too!
  • Fernet: Hold on a second! I'm going as well!