Marc Episode 1

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Marc Episode 1
Marc Episode 1.png
Board Lagoon Flight Lagoon Flight
Field Events
Every 5 Chapters, all Players will receive 1 Card at the beginning of the Chapter.
Campaign Episode
Marc Episode 2
Whaa!? A little girl is taking my rocket...

Story[edit | edit source]

Marc was enjoying a lovely day, when suddenly, Peat came up to her and warned her that Marie Poppo was trying to steal her rocket. While chasing after Poppo, they run into Kai, who is also chasing her because she stole his wallet. The three agree that Poppo needs to be stopped and chase after her. Later, the trio are exhausted after defeating Poppo, but before they can get their things back, Poppo runs away, making them give chase again.

This campaign's story can be viewed here.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This episode 1 is rather challenging as Lagoon Flight is a relatively difficult board in and of itself. The split and  Warp panels in the board result in Marie Poppo being difficult to catch if she steals the player's stars and can also prevent the player from reaching their  Home panel. The computer also often rolls very well with Peat causing his 3 HP to be deceptively difficult to deplete.

If the player is using Marc, they can take 2 different approaches:

  • The player can focus on landing on  Draw and  Bonus panels to build up their stars and cards to win the game without confrontation.
  • The player can focus on landing on  Draw panels to collect cards and  Encounter panels and battles to collect Wins. The player can then use multiple  x16 Big Rocket throughout the course of the game or to quickly collect the last Wins needed for victory.

[expand] Script[edit | edit source]

(Beginning of scenario)

  • Marc: The weather's great today too! Days like these are the best for flying...
  • Peat: Red Barrel! We've got trouble!
  • Marc: What is it, Blue Crow?
  • Peat: That rocket you scraped together...
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo!!
  • Marc: Whaa!? A little girl is taking my rocket...
  • Peat: Hey, it's not a toy. Give it back!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppopo!
  • Kai: Dammit, Poppo!
  • Peat: What the!? Who are you?
  • Kai: Never mind that now. You need to catch her, right? I'll lend you a hand!
  • Marc: Why's that?
  • Kai: She's got my wallet too!
  • Marc: Oh my.
  • Marie Poppo: Poppoppo!
  • Marc: Your wallet doesn't really matter, but the rocket does!
  • Kai: It matters to me!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo!
  • Marc: If you won't listen, we'll have to catch you by force.

(End of scenario)

  • Marc: Yay!
  • Marie Poppo: Poppo lost.
  • Peat: I-I'm pretty tired.
  • Kai: So am I...
  • Marc: Now give back our stuff.
  • Marie Poppo: Uuu... Poppo will run!
  • Kai: What!?
  • Marc: S-she's super fast!
  • Peat: After her... or we'll lose her!
  • Marc: Geez!