Long-Distance Shot

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Boost Card
Long-Distance Shot.png
Deals 1 damage to the selected unit.
1 ☆
5 ★
3 per Deck
Yuu Nanase
Common Card
"I can hit you from anywhere." —Iru

Long-Distance Shot is a 1-star level boost card that enables the player to target one unit and deal a single point of damage. (This means an opponent; the player cannot target themselves)

Strategic Info[edit | edit source]

Long-Distance Shot gives the user the ability to deal a single point of damage which, while simple in nature, can be extremely useful in the right scenario. As a result, the card actually can be used much more tactically than it would lead on and should be used to maximum effect if possible. One of the best uses of the card is to use it to counter certain characters. In particular, Syura, Kiriko, Alte, and tank characters are at a disadvantage. Characters that rely on low health or 1 health to use their Hyper can be KO'd before they get the chance and tank characters, which rely on preserving health, will lose some sense of security. A secondary use for the card is to prevent an opponent from KO'ing another opponent if the player is out of reach. This should only really be used this way if the player is already ahead of the other opponents and wants to keep the lead and physically cannot reach the opponent.

The main disadvantage to Long-Distance Shot is actually user error. The most common mistake is to use the card to KO an opponent just because the player can. The player should only use the card to KO if there is no way to physically strike the opponent and in the cases above. If the player simply uses it to KO for the sake of KO'ing, the opponent loses nothing but recovery time. Their stars will not be affected and their health will be restored when they recover.