Lifeguard on the White Beach

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Lifeguard on the White Beach
Lifeguard on the White Beach.png
All allies gain Stock Effect(1): In the next battle, take 2 less damage.
Hyper Info
10 ★
"Geez, you're going overboard." ―Suguri

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Lifeguard on the White Beach is a hyper unique to the guardian role in Co-op Mode. The player can substitute it for their character's hyper card after reaching level 5 with the defender role. It is a Norma 3 event card that gives all allies a 2-damage shield in their next battle. This shield stacks with the shield defenders can normally grant.

Hyper Strategy[edit | edit source]

Lifeguard on the White Beach is a solid late-game defensive option for characters whose hyper card does not fit the defender role or isn't very well suited to co-op. An example would be Suguri (Ver.2).  Revival of Stars is not a particularly helpful card in co-op since it cannot remove  Boss panels, and can hinder your team's ability to collect wins.

The downside to using this hyper card is that it will replace a character's existing Hyper. Many characters that do well in the defender role already have comparably strong hyper cards that they may prefer over this one, such as Fernet's  Air Strike or Krila's  Plushie Master.