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Gift Card
Legendary Mushroom.png
Smells notoriously funky. / Smells eerily funky.
1 ☆
0 ★
per Deck
Deck Points


Legendary mushroom cards are an assortment of special mushroom-themed Gift cards spawned by the SporesSpores
Every 3 chapters, spawns mushrooms on the field, which give free cards with random effects when picked up.
field event and Spores mixer during the Shroom Zoom event. Along with  Red & Blue and  Mushroom, they are unique in that they cannot be drawn from the deck or created with a Hyper card. They are also the only cards, along with  Mushroom, whose effects are randomly determined at the start of the game. Unlike regular mushrooms, legendary mushrooms would only spawn after a player has reached Norma 4, and only if there is no legendary mushroom card already being held by a player. In addition, picking up any legendary mushroom would instantly cause all other legendary mushrooms on the board to despawn.

These cards consist of  Legendary Red Mushroom and  Phantom Blue Mushroom. The differences between each mushroom card only serve to differentiate between their randomly selected effects, as any type of legendary mushroom card can have any kind of effect.

Legendary mushroom cards are always Gift cards, making 2 total variations of cards (2 colors and 1 type).

Effect[edit | edit source]

Before the game starts, each of the 2 colors of legendary mushroom card is randomly assigned a mushroom card effect, out of a list of 2 possible effects. For the duration of the game, any given color of legendary mushroom card will consistently have the same effect that was randomly assigned to that color at the start of the game.

Although each legendary mushroom's effect is determined at the start of the game, these effects are initially hidden to the player. All legendary mushroom cards will initially have their effect description listed as "Smells notoriously funky." (if the card is Legendary Red Mushroom) or "Smells eerily funky." (if the card is Phantom Blue Mushroom), obfuscating their actual effect. When a legendary mushroom card is first obtained, the description of that color of legendary mushroom card will be changed to reveal its true effect, with all new legendary mushrooms of that same color now bearing the revised description. In Normal Mode, the description is only changed for the player who obtained it, while in Co-op Mode, the description is changed for all players.

There are 2 possible legendary mushroom card effects.

Gain +Lvl stars from all sources. On Battle KO, winner steals this card if it's a player.
Gain +1 Win from all sources. On Battle KO, winner steals this card if it's a player.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Tomato & Mimyuu

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Although a legendary mushroom card's description is only revealed to the player who used it, observant players are still able to determine the effects by paying attention to the amount of stars and wins earned by the opponent.

Update History[edit | edit source]

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