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Homemarks are optional cosmetic icons for the player's  Home panel. With this option, the player can change the appearance of their homemark in single and multiplayer.

Upon file creation, the player will automatically receive the default homemark. No homemarks are sold in the shop, all other marks must be unlocked either through an event, a specific unlock method, or crates.


Non-event based homemarks.

Image Name Unlock Condition Bag
Default Homemark.png Default Comes with the game. N/A
Tomomo Homemark.png Tomomo Crates only. Yes
Christmas Tree Homemark.png Christmas Tree Yes
Snowman Homemark.png Snowman Yes
Which Hat.png Witch's Hat Beat the Girl Power Campaign on Extreme Difficulty. No


Event Homemarks, are markers that were only available during certain events. Some can be found in the mystery bag.[1]

Image Name Event Introduced Unlock Condition Mystery Bag
Heart Homemark.png Heart Valentine's Event (2017) Use Heart-Shaped dice to collect 1000 stars on  Bonus panels. Yes
Palm Tree Homemark.png Palm Tree Summer Event (2017) Global counter at 20000 chests. Yes
Cauldron Homemark.png Cauldron Halloween Event (2017) Random drop from games (Single Player or Multiplayer) Yes
Candy Cane Homemark.png Candy Cane Scramble!! for an Xmas Miracle! Randomly found inside Presents after matches. Yes
Chocolate Homemark.png Chocolate Chocolate for the Sweet Gods Random drop from games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No
Lunar New Year Homemark.png Lunar New Year No
Pencil Homemark.png Pencil School Crashers Random drop from games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No
Card Homemark.png Card No
Parasol Homemark.png Parasol Beach Party Random drop from games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No
Surfboard Homemark.png Surfboard Global counter at 2000000 HP. No
Popsicle Homemark.png Popsicle Global counter at 1000000 HP. No
White Christmas Tree Homemark.png White Christmas Tree Santa Scramble Global counter at 2000 Castles. No
Snow Castle Homemark.png Snow Castle Global counter at 6000 Castles. No
Presents Homemark.png Presents Minions of the Master Log in to the game during the event. No
Angel Homemark.png Angel Random drop from Co-Op games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No
Devil Homemark.png Devil No
Cave Homemark.png Cave No
Castle Homemark.png Castle No
Drink Table Homemark.png Drink Table Summer Games Random drop from Co-Op games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No


  1. Mystery Bag contents tested and confirmed by Discord user Ryu Xero.