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Homemarks, also known as home markers or homestops, are optional cosmetic items that appear on the player's  Home panel during a match. With this option, the player can change the appearance of the icon. The player can change their homemark's appearance by either select their homemark before a match or setting their default homemark on their player avatar screen.

Upon file creation, the player will automatically receive the default homemark and Presents homemark. All other homemarks must be unlocked either through an event, a specific unlock method, or crates. Many homemarks introduced in events have been added to the mystery bag, while some have remained locked to their original event. It is very common for at least one homemark to be added to the game each event.

List of Non-Event Homemarks

Image Name Unlock Condition Crate 3.png Bag
Default Homemark.png Default Comes with the game. N/A
Christmas Tree Homemark.png Christmas Tree Receive randomly from a crate. Yes
Snowman Homemark.png Snowman
Tomomo Homemark.png Tomomo
Witch Hat Homemark.png Witch's Hat Beat the Girl Power Campaign on Extreme difficulty. No
Presents Homemark.png Presents Open the game after May 16th, 2019. No
Castle Homemark.png Castle Both tasks must be completed in the stated order for the homemarks to become available, with each task unlocking a new cutscene:

The homemarks will then become available for purchase for 5000Stars Icon.png each.

(See the Retired Events page for more details)

Cave Homemark.png Cave
Angel Homemark.png Angel
Devil Homemark.png Devil
Dark Citadel Homemark.png Dark Citadel Purchase for 5000Stars Icon.png after completing Mio's Dark Citadel. No
Happy Barrel Homemark.png Happy Barrel Beat the Old Guardians Campaign on Normal difficulty or higher. No
Lamppost Homemark.png Lamppost Beat the Wanderers Campaign on Extreme difficulty. No
Scissors Homemark.png Scissors Beat the Game Night of the Witches on Normal difficulty or higher. No

List of Event Homemarks

Event homemarks, are homemarks that were only available during certain events. Some can be found in the mystery bag. The event listed is the one in which the homemark was introduced. The homemark may return in future events, but this is at the discretion of Fruitbat Factory. Homemarks themed to a particular season do sometimes return during the next year's season and thus the player should check the most recent event page to see if the homemark they desire has returned.

Image Name Event Introduced Unlock Condition Crate 3.png Bag
Heart Homemark.png Heart Valentine's Event (2017) Use Heart Shaped Dice.pngHeart Shaped dice to collect 1000 stars on  Bonus panels. Yes
Palm Tree Homemark.png Palm Tree Summer Event (2017) Global counter at 20000 chests. Yes
Cauldron Homemark.png Cauldron Halloween Event (2017) Random drop from games (single or multiplayer) Yes
Candy Cane Homemark.png Candy Cane Scramble!! for an Xmas Miracle! Randomly found inside Presents after matches. Yes
Chocolate Homemark.png Chocolate Chocolate for the Sweet Gods Random drop from games (single or multiplayer) No
Lunar New Year Homemark.png Lunar New Year No
Pencil Homemark.png Pencil School Crashers Random drop from games (single or multiplayer) No
Card Homemark.png Card No
Surfboard Homemark.png Surfboard Beach Party Global counter at 2000000 HP. No
Parasol Homemark.png Parasol Random drop from games (single or multiplayer) No
Popsicle Homemark.png Popsicle Global counter at 1000000 HP. No
White Christmas Tree Homemark.png White Christmas Tree Santa Scramble Global counter at 2000 Castles. No
Snow Castle Homemark.png Snow Castle Global counter at 6000 Castles. No
Drink Table Homemark.png Drink Table Summer Games Random drop from Co-Op games (single or multiplayer) No
Fishing Rod Homemark.png Fishing Rod Master Anglers Reach a fishing score of 1000. No
Fishing Trophy Homemark.png Fishing Trophy Master Anglers Reach a fishing score of 3000. No