Holy Night

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Event Card
Holy Night.png
Permanent Effect.
Start-of-chapter bonus stars are increased by one.
Level 1 ☆
Cost 0 ★
Limit 1 per Deck
Illustrator Megane
Common Card
Basic Pack
"Aha, that's why it's a party night." —Hime

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Holy Night, is a zero cost event card that benefits all players by providing a very slight increase to the star bonus provided at the beginning of each chapter. This translates to an extra +1 at the end of the player bonus equation. Thus, the player will receive: <math>(\tfrac{Chapters}{5}+2)</math> instead of the usual <math>(\tfrac{Chapters}{5}+1)</math> at the beginning of each turn. While only one Holy Night can be brought by each the player, the effect is stackable, meaning if each player brings a copy the max bonus possible is <math>(\tfrac{Chapters}{5}+5)</math>. (If the game lasts long enough to recycle the deck, however, then the effect can theoretically stack infinitely}.

Although the effect is very small on paper, every star counts for tank and bullied characters which rely on collecting stars, rather than combat, to win the game. Since the effect is permanent for the entirety of the match, an additional star each chapter can make a huge distance in a short amount of time. As a result, the card is generally always advisable to any character and especially to star-collecting characters, as it can be the difference between achieving Star Norma and being a single star short.

As a card, Holy Night is not disadvantageous to any character, as gaining stars is not a detriment to any character. It could be argued that the card is slightly disadvantageous to Star Breaker as it enables opponents to collect stars and Norma faster, however, the card will also provide more stars, and thus enable the use of more battle cards. Overall, the card can be used in almost any deck, if the player desires.