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Halloween Candy is a currency required for purchasing most Halloween themed cosmetics sold in the shop. Additionally, candy is 1 of 2 seasonal currencies, however, unlike Christmas Wreaths Icon.pngChristmas Wreaths they are not stored in the user's steam inventory. This currency has a maximum cap of 9999.

Halloween Candy can only be acquired during a Halloween-themed event which will generally take place from mid-October to early November of any given year. After any online game in the designated event mode, the player will receive a varying amount of Halloween candy- usually, around 50 or more depending on their placing during the match.


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  • When Halloween candy was introduced in 2016 Halloween event, it was the very first new form of currency introduced in the game. The currency predates both  Candy Canes and  Oranges which were later added in version 1.16 and 1.17 respectively.
  • Halloween candy has been awarded after matches during every Halloween event since its original introduction.