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Flying Red Barrel
Publication Information
  Developer(s)   Orange_Juice
  Publisher(s)   Rockin Android (2009 localisation); Fruitbat Factory (2020 localisation)
  Release date   December 31st 2007JP
  September 22nd 2009NA
  May 24th, 2013Amazon
  June 19th, 2020Steam
  Genre   Bullet Hell
  Modes   Single Player
  Rating(s)   None
  Platform(s)   PC

Flying Red Barrel ~The Diary of a Little Aviator~ is a shmup developed by Orange_Juice, first released in December 2007 in Japan at Comiket 73, uniquely featuring art done by Junpyon instead of hono. A demo was later released, featuring the game's first two levels.

Flying Red Barrel received two official English localisations, one by Rockin' Android in 2009 and another by Fruitbat Factory in 2020. The Rockin' Android localisation was initially available on a number of different websites, such as GamersGate, Desura, Rice, and Amazon, though it can presently only be purchased on Amazon for customers based in the United States. The Fruitbat Factory localisation, featuring remastered visuals and other enhancements, will be available on Steam on June 19th, 2020.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The plot of Flying Red Barrel focuses on Marc, the game's young aviator, and her various adventures as she protects the skies as a member of The Guild. In the game's first three levels, Marc takes on a number of outlaws, sometimes crossing paths with Peat, a fellow pilot in The Guild, and Fernet, a friend of Marc's who has grown irritated with her increasing focus on working for The Guild.

In the game's fourth level, Marc is tasked with fighting against a rebellion by a number of the Guild's members, including Sherry, who tells Marc to be wary of The Guild's intentions. Heeding this warning, Marc herself fights against The Guild in the game's final level, culminating in a battle with the Flying Castle, an apparatus designed to give The Guild full control of the skies.

Flying Red Barrel features 18 different endings depending on how the player takes on certain obstacles within the game.

Game description[edit | edit source]

Look up to the sky and get blown away with this bold and colorful new aerial fighter from the creators of "SUGURI"! Take to the dangerous skies and earn your wings by deftly maneuvering your little red barrel airship, while shooting down hostile fighter aircrafts. Big, bold, colorful graphics and rocket missiles aplenty will keep your eyes busy and your fingers glued to the fire button. Shoot away your enemies while swooping in to collect flying coins to advance to the next stage. Orange_Juice, the creators of the indie game hit "SUGURI" have done it again, with another engagingly fun adventure game with an aerial theme and storyline in the spirit of classic arcade hit "Raiden." Strap on those aviator goggles, put on your flight helmet and take off into the wild blue yonder with "Flying Red Barrel ~Diary of a Little Aviator~".

Setting[edit | edit source]

Flying Red Barrel features a setting where aeroplanes have only recently been invented, with The Guild being created as to help police the skies. 200% Mixed Juice also suggests that the area is generally rural, consisting mostly of plains and small villages. Little is known about the setting beyond this, though it is implied that technology must be advanced enough to allow for particularly elaborate aircraft, alongside the railway technology both Merchant and Lone Rider use in their respective battles.

Flying Red Barrel is currently the only Orange_Juice release to have no official links with other games in the series outside of crossovers. Green Frog makes an appearance being piloted by Tomato, Mimyuu, and Kiriko in QP Shooting - Dangerous!! before QP fights Yuki; additionally, a few lesser balloon-based enemies make appearances in stages 3 and 4. The Flying Castle makes an appearance as the penultimate boss of Xmas Shooting - Scramble!! before Aru fights Nico.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Flying Red Barrel features 18 new original characters.


System Requirements[edit | edit source]

OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor Pentium 1.2GHz
Memory 512 MB RAM
Graphics DirectX 8.0la or above compatible card with 128MB VRAM or more
DirectX Version 8.0la
System requirements are only for reference. Actual performance may vary.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Flying Red Barrel English Trailer
Flying Red Barrel Japanese Trailer

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