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Kiriko (斬子 Kiko) is one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice!. She was added to the game in DLC 11 alongside NoName.

Passive[edit source]

Ignore healing effects. When playing a battle card, gain +1 ATK & EVD in battle, and max HP is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 2).

Overview[edit source]

Like her in-game personality, Kiriko is a sadist constructed around an unusual passive and Hyper. Kiriko herself, possess a health stat only rivaled by Flying Castle, and a slightly debuffed defense stat. As a result, Kiriko can be very difficult to defeat even with her below average defense if the player consitently rolls well. With her large amount of health, the player will likely be able to survive multiple confrontations, however, due to her inability to use healing cards, once a health point is lost in combat, it will not return unless she is inevitably KO'd. As a result, Kiriko's playstyle revolves solely around the player committing self-KOs to prevent Kiriko from losing stars. The general goal of Kiriko is to fight/survive until her health is reduced to 1, and then to use  Final Surgery to KO herself. This will cost the player 10 stars, but will repay them with 15 more stars. The player can also take advantage of certain field events such as Air RaidAir Raid
Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
and BomberBomber
Every 2 Chapters, place a visible bomb on a random panel. The bomb will explode within 1 to 4 Chapters, and units within 2 panels in a cross-shaped area of the bomb panel will take damage.
to help KO her if the player does not have her Hyper. Other cards such as  Cloud of Seagulls and  Lonely Chariot can also be used to help the player KO themselves, to restore her to full health. While battle cards should generally be avoided to preserve Kiriko's high health stat, the player should use them when it is strategic to do so. In emergency situations, where the player is low on health, defense cards can be used to keep Kiriko alive. In the late game, the player can also use offensive battle cards for powerful assaults to KO other opponents for more stars. While they can be used at any time, battle cards are generally better used toward the late game, however, as the health reduction from Kiriko's passive will permanently lower her health stat for the duration of the game.

Kiriko's main disadvantage is her build and her Hyper reliance. Even with her large pool, Kiriko is not a tank, as her below average defense can result in her health being depleted quickly if the player rolls poorly. If the player rolls 1, and a seagull rolls a 6, the player will already have lose 75% of their health. The more blatant disadvantage is that Kiriko cannot heal herself under any circumstance including cards,  Home and  Heal panels, or field events. (This includes  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! if the player should get their hands on it). As a result, every battle will be a risk to Kiriko's unhealable health, and combat is not advisable unless the player has to. The player may also never get the chance to use Kiriko's Hyper depending on how successful opponents are at KOing each other. Further, her inability to use many battle cards forces the player to use such cards sparingly, which can make it more difficult for the player to attack and defend.

Kiriko should almost always be played for star norma and should play passive, letting other players beat themselves up so she can steal the KO with her Hyper. Early on in the game, the player should avoid confronting other players while focusing on  Bonus panels and  Draw panels. The player should keep trying to draw cards until they find her Hyper, as it is essential to her success. In the late game past norma 4, the player should start using battle cards if the situation to either assault another player far ahead of Kiriko occurs or if they needs to protect themselves from an opponent's attack.

Unlock Info[edit source]

  • Automatically unlocked if DLC 11 is owned.

Summary[edit source]

+Highest base HP in the game
+Powerful and inexpensive Hyper
+Hyper counters other character's Hypers
-Hyper reliant
-Very situational Hyper
-Unable to benefit from healing cards and effects

Final Surgery
Final Surgery.png
KO all units with 1 HP and gain stars equal to 25x the number of KO'd units.
Hyper Info
10 ★
"Just hold still, I'll fix you up real quick." - Kiriko

Kiriko's Hyper is Final Surgery. When the Hyper is used, it KO's all units with 1 HP and the player gains 25 stars for each KO'd unit (player included).

Strategy[edit source]

Final Surgery is an overall powerful Hyper that can both KO the opponent and player and provides stars, like a cheaper improved version of  Air Strike. From level 2 onward, the player will be able to use the card to KO opponents and themselves if the situation presents itself. Due to its cheap price, the player will always gain at least 15 stars and 90 at most. The Hyper should generally be used, however, to KO Kiriko when her health is depleted to restore it back to 8 without losing stars.

The Hyper itself can be best used with combos such as  Forced Revival and  Sealed Guardian, with the later, while rare, enabling Kiriko to KO everyone for a gain of 100 stars. Final Surgery can also be used as a deterrent and counter against other characters and combos. For instance, Syura will be at a large disadvantage as her Hyper and passive rely on being at 1 health. Star Breaker will also have difficulty using her Hyper as it will run the risk of providing Kiriko with free bait for Final Surgery.

The main downside of the Final Surgery is that it is a situational Hyper. If the player is particularly unlucky, the opportunity may never arise to use the card if Kiriko and other opponents are consistently KO'd successfully without reaching a health stat of 1. The Hyper is also susceptible to  Play of the Gods, as it is an event card, meaning other players may be able to profit from it and KO themselves as Kiriko normally would.

Tips[edit source]

Playing As Kiriko
  • Landing on  Draw panels should take priority for Kiriko if the player starts without a  Final Surgery as it is crucial to the player's success.
  •  Passionate Research and  Nice Present are relatively essential as Kiriko, based around her Hyper, thus the player should try to use any method to find it.
  • If the player cannot seem to draw Kiriko's Hyper  Lonely Chariot can be used as an excellent substitute to finish off the player. A less guaranteed yet, usually effective method is to play  Cloud of Seagulls as it is notorious for striking the player.
  • The field events such as, MinelayerMinelayer
    Every 3 Chapters, a Trap Card will be set on a randomly determined panel. These Trap Cards are not affiliated with the Center Deck, and will therefore not return to the Center Deck afterwards. The cards include: Dangerous Puddingicon.png Dangerous Pudding, Bad Puddingicon.png Bad Pudding, and Mimyuu's Hammericon.png Mimyuu's Hammer
    , Air RaidAir Raid
    Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
    , and BomberBomber
    Every 2 Chapters, place a visible bomb on a random panel. The bomb will explode within 1 to 4 Chapters, and units within 2 panels in a cross-shaped area of the bomb panel will take damage.
    should be used to the players benefit to either KO Kiriko, or reduce her health to use her Hyper.
  • Powerful battle card that synergies well with Kiriko's passive such as  Big Magnum can be used and held until the final chapters of the game to quickly steal stars from other players if they are going to win.
  •  Play of the Gods is a risky card the player can use that can either benefit or damage the player based on chance. In the worst case scenario, the card will result in someone else activating  Final Surgery, however, the card is the player's best hope for activating  Sealed Guardian early on for cheap.
  •  Portable Pudding does not heal HP, but rather resets it. While it will subtract 1 Max HP due to being a battle card, it is a way Kiriko can heal without having to resort to being KOed.
Playing Against Kiriko
  • Bully characters like Star Breaker are the best counter to Kiriko as they can potentially deal the highest damage, thus KOing Kiriko and other players before they reach 1 HP. Bullies and constant combat on a whole can quickly whittle down Kiriko's large health stat.
  • Cards such as  Play of the Gods,  Scrambled Eve,  Brutal Prank, and  Gift Exchange can easily rob Kiriko of her Hyper, thus removing her main source of power.
  • Healing cards such as  Saki's Cookie,  Pudding,  Dinner, and  Quick Restoration are all useless to Kiriko, and are thus effect counters as they prevent her from finding her Hyper or useful cards in the deck.

Recommended Cards[edit source]

Recommended Viable Neutral

 Nice Present
 Passionate Research
 Lonely Chariot
 Cloud of Seagulls

 Forced Revival
 Sealed Guardian
 Play of the Gods
 Mix Phenomenon
 Stiff Crystal
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Tactical Retreat
 Mimyuu's Hammer
 We Are Waruda
 Scary Solicitation
 Big Magnum

 Long-Distance Shot
 Nice Jingle
 I'm on Fire!
 Final Battle
 Shield Counter
 Dangerous Pudding
 Piggy Bank
 Heat 300%
 Piyopiyo Procession
 Here and There
 Super All-Out Mode
 Little War
 Oh My Friend
 Completion Reward
 Gentleman's Battle
 Accel Hyper
 Star-Blasting Light
 Unlucky Charm
 Windy Enchantment

Counter Cards[edit source]

Recommended Viable

 Saki's Cookie
 Sky Restaurant 'Pures'
 Gift Exchange
 Quick Restoration
 Brutal Prank
 Scrambled Eve

 Flip Out
 President's Privilege
 Bad Pudding
 Go Away
 Tragedy in the Dead of Night
 For the Future of the Toy Store
 Sealed Memories
 Holy Night
 Out of Ammo
 Present Thief

Achievements[edit source]

Steam Achievements
Icon Name Description
Not a Real Medical License.jpg Not a Real Medical License Play 10 games as Kiriko.
The Doctor is Out.jpg The Doctor is Out KO all 4 players, including yourself, with a single use of Kiriko's hyper.
Lingering Effects.jpg Lingering Effects Reduce Kiriko's hp to 2, and then proceed to win the match.


1 Icon.pngDefault
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 00 00.png
2 Icon.pngAttack
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 00 01.png
3 Icon.pngDamage
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 00 02.png
4 Icon.pngSuccess
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 00 03.png
5 Icon.pngFailure
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 00 04.png
6 Icon.pngDice Throw
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 00 05.png
7 Icon.pngDefault
0 10000 00.png
not found
8 Icon.pngAttack
0 10000 00.png
not found
9 Icon.pngDamage
0 10000 00.png
not found
10 Icon.pngSuccess
0 10000 00.png
not found
11 Icon.pngFailure
0 10000 00.png
not found
12 Icon.pngDice Throw
0 10000 00.png
not found


Red Icon.pngRed
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 01 00.png
Blue Icon.pngBlue
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 02 00.png
Green Icon.pngGreen
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 03 00.png
Yellow Icon.pngYellow
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 04 00.png
Pink Icon.pngPink
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 05 00.png
Purple Icon.pngPurple
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 06 00.png
Teal Icon.pngTeal
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 07 00.png
Black Icon.pngBlack
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 08 00.png
Rad Poppo Icon.pngRad Poppo
0 10000 00.png
not found
Halloween Color Icon.pngHalloween
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 10 00.png
Silver Icon.pngWhite
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 11 00.png
Red and Blue Icon.pngRed & Blue
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 12 00.png
Dapper Poppo Icon.pngDapper
0 10000 00.png
not found
Cyborg Poppo Icon.pngCyborg
0 10000 00.png
not found
Christmas Color Icon.pngChristmas
0 10000 00.png
Kiriko 15 00.png
Tuxedo Poppo Icon.pngTuxedo
0 10000 00.png
not found
Chocolate Color Icon.pngChoco
0 10000 00.png
not found
School Color Icon.pngSchool
0 10000 00.png
not found


1 Icon.png Hair 1
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3000 00.png
2 Icon.png Hair 2
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3001 00.png
3 Icon.png Hair 3
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3002 00.png
4 Icon.png Hair 4
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3003 00.png
5 Icon.png Hair 5
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3004 00.png
6 Icon.png Hair 6
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3005 00.png
7 Icon.png Hair 7
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3006 00.png
8 Icon.png Hair 8
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3007 00.png
9 Icon.png Hair 9
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3008 00.png
10 Icon.png Hair 10
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3009 00.png
11 Icon.png Hair 11
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3010 00.png
12 Icon.png Hair 12
Kiriko 00 00.png
Kiriko 3011 00.png


Trivia[edit source]

  • During her original release, Kiriko's Hyper,  Final Surgery had a game breaking glitch. If the player used the card to KO someone on the same panel as Kiriko, the game would crash, resulting in the board and all characters disappearing and sometimes screen distortion.[1]
  • Kiriko appears in the art for  Forced Revival and  Final Surgery.
  • Kiriko is 23 years old in Xmas Shooting - Scramble!![2]

Update History[edit source]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.19.3 (Hotfix 1)
  • Fixed a typo in Kiriko's passive ability.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.18.2
  • Fixed being able to receive hairs and poses from the crates for Kiriko without owning her.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.18.2
  • Final Surgery now gives 25 stars per KO (down from 30).

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.18
  • Added to the game with DLC 11.

References[edit source]

  1. Final Surgery crash examples: Example 1, Example 2.
  2. Japanese Character Bio

Kiriko (unit).png