Fighting the Windmills

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Tomato & Mimyuu

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Fighting the Windmills.jpg Fighting the Windmills
Survive 50 chapters against Big the Jonathan on Hyper difficulty.

Fighting the Windmills is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Since you need to deal little damage while surviving extreme amounts of per-turn damage from Big the Jonathan, the Guardian and Supporter roles as well as defensive and healing cards are strongly recommended. A team of 4 Kyokos using the Guardian role can reduce his damage extremely well.
  • If the mixer includes Joker, it is easily achievable with at least 2 dealers and 1 supporter. Aru is recommended as dealer since she can supply a card to herself and her teammates. Cuties is also recommended as their hyper would not trigger boss panel, and the boss's Mega Rush would not target them. Chicken is recommended as supporter as the stats really doesn't matter, and the low REC would make him more active to heal other players. Shifu Robot is also recommended as supporter over Sora (Millitary) as you most likely would get KO'd by outside-combat, and heals itself without home panel.

Serene Hush and Tactical Retreat (Stars won't be lost) are the must-card for players to survive. One can also substitute with Reverse Attribute Field and/or Serious Battle, but do note that you might take battle damage.

Mix Phenomenon is very strong card especially when all the panels are boss panel. It acts like Serene Hush and you get a chance to draw a card too. This card is much better than Suguri (V2)'s hyper, as she cannot change boss panel into other panel.

Metallic Monocoque is also a wanted card since boss would deal outside-combat damages to them which if you are not careful, you would lose especially by Aura of Terror. It can be prevented using Forced Revival.

Heal cards such as Pudding and Dinner are very useful, as the boss would periodically deal outside-combat damage which makes Aura of Terror more dangerous if more players are killed.

Extend is also useful as you want to be more active rather than rolling the revive roll, and very dangerous to keep only one person alive as the boss's cards would be much more threatening.

Nice Present and Passionate Research allows you to draw more cards/hyper cards which can be essential when draw cards are gone.

Mimic can be used to copy a Cuties's or Aru's hyper, and possibly proceed to deal out the copied hyper to other players. Do note that you can't select yourself to be a target of mimic.

Princess's Privilege can be included in the deck as you might have a card that isn't good to be used.