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Field Events

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Field Events
The field events listed on the info display.
Field Events are changes that occur to either the characters or board panels during the course of a match. Each field event activates after a predefined number of chapters and will generally activate for a single chapter, with some exceptions. Field events themselves mainly serve as an extra layer of unpredictability to matches and enable players opportunities that they cannot normally receive with cards.
Each board has predefined field events, however, they can be adjusted if the player is playing a match in Multiplayer. Field events can be viewed at anytime, by hovering over the "Info" tab on the right side of the screen.
Field Event List
Name Frequency Effect
Air Raid Every 5 Chapters All units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
Amplify Every 6 Chapters All players will randomly receive a +1 bonus to their attack, defense, or dodge stat (marked by a symbol). This effect lasts for 2 Chapters.
BoostStat0.png Attack stat +1, BoostStat1.png Defense stat +1, BoostStat2.png Evasion stat +1
Backtrack Every 8 Chapters All players move in the reverse direction. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
Battlefield Every 6 Chapters All  Bonus and  Drop panels will become  Encounter panels. This effect lasts for 3 Chapters.
Bomber Every 2 Chapters Place a visible bomb on a random panel. The bomb will explode within 1 to 4 Chapters, and units within 2 panels in a cross-shaped area of the bomb panel will take damage.
Charity Every 5 Chapters All Players will receive 1 Card at the beginning of the Chapter.
Confusion Every 7 Chapters All player's cards and rearranged and put face-down, making the cards unreadable to both the owner and other players.
Freeze Every 5 Chapters 1/3 of the board's panels become frozen panels. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter and does not effect  Home panels.
Home Roulette Every 9 Chapters All player  Home panels are randomly rotated.
Minelayer Every 3 Chapters A Trap Card will be set on a randomly determined panel. These Trap Cards are not affiliated with the Center Deck, and will therefore not return to the Center Deck afterwards. The cards include:
Miracle Every 5 Chapters  Bonus,  Drop,  Encounter,  Draw,  Move,  Warp Move and  Heal panels will all become Doublepanel.gif panels accordingly. Roll two dice for bonus, drop, move, and warp-move. Gain two wins for battles. Draw two cards. Heal 2HP. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
Playground Every 5 Chapters Places several  Minigame panels around the board. These panels will trigger a minigame for any player who lands on them. The panels are then removed at the end of the Chapter.
Random Every ? Chapters Causes any of the listed Field Events to occur. The event will be persistent throughout the match.
Random Warp Every 5 Chapters Each players will be warped to a randomly chosen panel at the beginning of the Chapter.
Regeneration Every 5 Chapters All Units recover 1 HP at the beginning of the Chapter.
Sprint Every 6 Chapters All players roll a base two dice for movement (up to 4 if using a card increasing your role). This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
Treasure Every 1 Chapter Places a chest on a random panel (up to board size limit). Stopping on the panel with the chest will the give the player its contents.
  • Treasure chest stars.png Gives stars equal to the current number of Chapters.
  • Treasure chest cards.png Gives a random hyper card.
Mystery Every 5 Chapters Causes any of the listed Field Events to occur. The event will be different every time this event activates.
Permanent Field Event
Boss Encounter is a field event that is not listed that will occur every match regardless of the settings or conditions: It cannot be removed. Boss Encounter occurs when Norma level 4 is achieved for the first time in a match:
Name Effect
Boss Encounter

When Norma level 4 is achieved for the first time by any player, all  Encounter panels on the map will be replaced with  Boss panels. While Boss Encounter is in effect, any player who stops on a Boss panel will battle the Boss unit. This event will continue until the Boss unit is defeated.